I've got the eye of the tiger

A beautiful shade of blue in this snow leopard's eye, but it's almost certainly been added to the image using photo editing software. These big cats don't come in this color.

White tiger by Alexander Kharitonov <3 - www.savetigersnow.org - tigertime.info/the-crisis - www.savewildtigers.org/ - www.panthera.org/node/1399

Funny pictures about Simply Majestic. Oh, and cool pics about Simply Majestic. Also, Simply Majestic photos.

Tiger color variations. From left to right: "ghost," white, golden tabby, and typical.

WWF-India: “save the tiger”

Different Colors of tigers, from left to right: Snow( or ghost), white, golden (or tabby) and the classic look. They are all so beautiful! My favorite of all big cats!

Animals are just like us.Even if their skin colour is different they still want to be together

Tigers - two Rare Species - White Tiger and Black Tiger (recessive trait causing melanism: resulting in all black pigmentation of skin and fur)

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