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Histamine is an important mediator of allergic diseases such as hay fever and bronchial asthma, food allergies, urticaria, and drug hypersensitivity. Knowledge of histamine as a cause of numerous non-allergic symptoms and signs is, ...


Living with histamine intolerance

When my husband was diagnosed with histamine intolerance, I hadn't even heard of the condition. Now, the scale of what he cannot eat is becoming clear


Headaches? Eczema? Tummy pain? They could all be caused by a common food allergy your doctor’s never heard of

Genny Masterman has histamine intolerance, a condition thought to affect 600,000 Britons — although the number could be even higher.


What HIT me? Living with Histamine Intolerance: A guide to diagnosis and management of HIT - A patient's point of view: Genny Masterman: 9781484008447: Books


Food Intolerances: Fructose Malabsorption, Lactose and Histamine Intolerance: living and eating well after diagnosis & dealing with the elimination diet: Michael Zechmann, Genny Masterman: 9781481020312: Books


Histamine Intolerance: Histamine and Seasickness: Reinhart Jarisch: 9783642554469: Books