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Eclipse ND Fader 77mm Filter

77mm Genustech Eclipse Fader ND filter. - 77mm Genustech Eclipse Fader ND filter. This 77mm variable neutral density filter easily rotates to fine tune the amount of light entering your lens. The Eclipse ND Fader has approximately 2 to 8 stops of density. The use of new laser technology ensures superior colour fidelity and sharpness when compared to competing products. The Genustech Eclipse ND Fader redefines the price point for a quality variable ND filter.

NEW Genustech Eclipse ND Fader Filter

Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt mini jib

Matte Box: Genus GWMC Wide Angle Matte Box for 4 x 4" Filters

Genustech Drop Camera Gear and Accessory Prices by 25%

GenusTech Mini Jib Pre Review

Genus Camera Mini Jib

Genus Camera Mini Jib - Genustech

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To protect your #GoPro #Hero5 by Genus Cage for GoPro Hero5 Black #genustech #genus #genuscage #cameracage #hero5cage #hero4 #hero4silver

The game just changed with @genus_products Cage for @GoPro HERO5 BLACK 👌🏻 Innovation for achieving professional content with your HERO5. Checkout @genus_products and give them a follow. We have just started testing and I have to say this is the lowest weight, and most cost effective solution for professional mounting and fitment of filters I've found. Why use a filter for GoPro? Because we can push the limits of long exposures (creative photos, fireworks, light trails) using ND…