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the logo for poverty with people standing around it
The World Bank’s Poverty & Inequality DataFinder provides quick access to the latest poverty and inequality indicators for more than 120 developing countries. Visualize trends in charts and maps, explore the indicators in tables, and share them with friends and colleagues through e-mail and social media. The Poverty DataFinder will be of use to students, professors, researchers, development practitioners, and anyone looking to learn more about poverty and inequality in the developing world.
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National Geographic World Atlas iOS App
National Geographic World Atlas iOS App on Behance
a green and white background with an image of the earth on it's side
Spotzi is a genuine World Atlas for your iPhone and iPad and shows you the world in a unique and astonishing way. It not only shows you street maps and high detail areal maps. That’s just a starter. Spotzi goes beyond any political border and zooms in to any aspect of our planet. This has been made possible by the extent data resources at NASA, the World Bank and our own data warehouse.
an iphone with the world bank app on it's screen and text that reads world development indicators 2014
World Bank Open Data
The World Bank: The new DataFinder app highlights the progress that’s been made at the Bank since the Open Data Initiative was launched in April 2010. For the first time, the Bank’s data are available to users on any of the three major mobile platforms - and in four languages
the world bank at a glance logo on a white and red background with an earth globe
World Bank Mobile Apps
World Bank at a Glance-App
the logo for poverty with people standing around it
Android App - Poverty & Inequality Data Finder from the World Bank
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World Bank's free app puts women on global view
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Aura Online Zoeken
World Bank
the wdi logo is red and white with a world on it's center
WDI DataFinder App = World Development Indicators app for accessing data on global development indicators from The World Bank Group
the world map shows countries that are currently in different colors
iOS App - World Bank Spatial Agent
the globe with flags of different countries is shown in this square icon, which appears to be part of an app
World Bank Mobile Apps
All World Bank Mobile Apps
an interactive map shows the average temperature across the world in different colors and sizes as well as climate data
Android App - World Bank Spatial Agent
a computer keyboard, mouse and other items on a white background with clippings
GIS for Schools | Online Maps for Classrooms & Administration