How to Pick a Lock Using a Paperclip: 8 Steps (with Pictures)

Pick a Lock Using a Paperclip

How to Pick a Lock Using a Paperclip. As long as you can find yourself a couple paperclips, you can MacGyver your way in.

Unlock Your Car From the Outside with a Shoelace

Unlock Your Car From the Outside with a Shoelace

How to Pick a Lock With Hairpins - Preparing for shtf

Pick Lock With Hairpins -- Lock picking isn’t just for locksmiths and criminals, in fact it’s a skill that could very well save your life someday. Criminals are more likely to break a window, rather than waste their time dealing with picking a lock.

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Open padlocks, cabinet locks and tool chests with Quick Sticks. They bypass the pins on the keyway altogether, releasing locks faster than standard picks.

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