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Create fake text to display your morning message to your class each day

FACS Classroom Ideas: ifaketext


Swimming Pool Games that are Fun for the Kids | ThePartyAnimal-Blog

Swimming Pool Games that are Fun for the Kids


Perfect Your Turns

25 Tips from Top Swim Coaches


The wisdom of Pooh ♡ good goodbye or start point for narrative therapy closing session

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This could be an awesome activity to keep the students busy while you take care of the first day paperwork.

Pipe Cleaner Challenge


The Story behind the 'I AM' wall

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Last day of school -elementary school.... BEST IDEA EVER. This blog has adorable and fun games to play on the last day. Then, the teacher did candy themed red carpet awards for all students.

Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits: Our Last Day in Pictures


Give each student a designated space (accountability). ~ What a great way for students to reflect on the day and share what they've learned with each other.

"What Stuck With You Today?" - Awesome end of the day activity!


When students ask a question no one in the class knows (including myself), they can put it up on the Google Board. Students can bring back a written answer to one of the questions of their choice each week for extra credit, or whatever incentive you choose. They get really excited when a question comes up that they can put on the board and find out the answer to later...

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This one should come standard with every primary classroom. The book goes through a day with a little one who does things without thinking, like feeding zoo animals despite the warning signs not to. He's got that same feeling that lots of kids do - that their actions won't make that big of a difference. But the community helpers in this book get him to think of what would happen if everybody did that. Love this one!

Sunny Days in Second Grade


Alphabet FUN! Love this Crocodile alphabet game spruced up by Growing Kinders for FREE!

Growing Kinders: Alphabet FUN!


Advanced Reading Intervention Plans. How I use task cards to meet the needs of all learners...even the "advanced" ones.

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Want to lighten your grading load while still having students write and receive meaningful feedback on their work? Click HERE for the solution!

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Money words -word work

3rd Grade Thoughts: Daily 5 Series: Word Work


Analogies Anchor Chart {plus a freebie} by Crafting Connections!

Crafting Connections: Analogies Anchor Chart {plus a freebie}


~~Geometry - ideas for fold outs for maths journals

Third Grade Love: ~~Geometry & Freebies~~


Paint Chip Phonics Learning game

School of Monkeys: Paint Chip Phonics Learning Game


Pick 16 letters out of the box - how many words can you make with those letters? First write, then bite! :)

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Boggle Printable Letters and Game Board (use an oil pan as the magnetic bulletin board) - Fabulous in 4th/Create Teach Share

Create●Teach●Share: Boggle Board w/ Printable!!!


So true

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Perfect for reluctant writers! Get a return postcard from Disney, too! #ELARcenter #friendlyletters #writing

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Great idea for parties, sleepovers or road trips. Answer what is above your right thumb after you catch it.

Homemade Toss ‘n Talk Ball – Great Sleepover Party Game


Students don't ask me for pencils anymore. No one leaves the room until all pencils are back on the board. (Photo only, but would be easy to make!)

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Greatest Common Factor, Least Common Multiple Notebooking Visual

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Tattling Poster

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