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Resultado de imagen para tatuajes con tinta ultravioleta

A few of my favorite blacklight backpieces. (: Airbrushed freehand, under UV light, with blacklight-sensitive paint, on various models!

Android Secret Codes

Today I have found top 25 best android secret codes that help you to know everything about your android smartphone.

165 Most Original 3D Tattoos For Tattoo Lovers cool

Optical illusions as tattoos are particularly mind-bending because your brain has trouble wrapping itself around the idea that it can now “see” into someones body, where there should just be skin t…

modern white rocking chair, white floor lamp, art, Chris Court Photography

"When I sit back in my rocking chair someday, I want to be able to say I've done it all" - DOLLY PARTON - (Modern white rocking chair. Photo by Chris Court)

Chest, Ribs and Sleeve Tattoo…

Sleeves and back pieces are some of the most popular kinds of large scale tattoos, however some people opt to go a more painful route and get their stomachs inked. Whether it be a full chest to tor.