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Breaking news: The Queen has just signed marriage equality into law in England and Wales. Congratulations from across the Pond!

  • Madelaine

    but seriously....why does ANYONE want to get married?????

  • Linda Lane
    Linda Lane


  • Julie Boswell
    Julie Boswell

    Well done, Madelaine. Hip, hop, Cheerios! lol.

  • joan leaver
    joan leaver

    she has her uses !

  • Madelaine

    Thanks Julie :)

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Keeping with this week's festivities.

  • murfnik

    Wouldn't that be "All you need Love is" ? ;)

  • Sophie Lagacé
    Sophie Lagacé

    All you need Love is?

  • Sophie Lagacé
    Sophie Lagacé

    Love all you need is?

Very true, friends.

Same-sex marriage - Page 22
  • serena serena
    serena serena

    It does not matter whether you are straight or gay. If you love someone very much, you deserve to marry them. You deserve to be able to be with who you you love for the rest of your life. I don't care what your religion is, where you come from, or whose words you live by. Everyone deserves a chance at marriage.

  • serena serena
    serena serena

    And Max, how do you know that being homosexual is a distraction? For all you know, being straight could be a distraction. I'm only twelve and I've already figured that out, so when are you going to step up and figure that out?

  • Blaize

    I don't have to "step up" I don't have to agree, say that it's okay, when I know that it is wrong.

  • Hannah Miller
    Hannah Miller

    @hayleyfust well said!!

  • Chris Gulden
    Chris Gulden

    Gaaaaaah - way to dredge it back up,! ;)

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No worries about this.

  • Wendy Russell
    Wendy Russell

    Sorry (final thought), I suspect the script would have been quite different had the writers been anti-gay.

  • Rachel Parker Miller
    Rachel Parker Miller

    Uh, not exactly. It took Rafiki and Nala to remind him what his parents taught him in the first place....

  • Annamarie Elliott
    Annamarie Elliott

    What about his mom? And nala's mom.

  • Kristi Owen
    Kristi Owen

    It takes a village yo.

  • Ada _BR
    Ada _BR

    daaaaaaats right!

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It's the little moments of bravado that inspire others to fight for equality.

Kiss My Ass - 9GAG
  • Robyn Elektrik
    Robyn Elektrik

    This is why I refuse to live in Marietta. A lot of people there still have the attitude of the "Dr." Fields.

  • Sheryl Leigh-Davault
    Sheryl Leigh-Davault

    Bravo! That's my kind of hero!!!

  • jessica stanfield
    jessica stanfield

    Mark Evans I couldn't agree with you more. I also like to hang onto these little ditties when outsiders like to point fingers at us and claim that we are all like that (racist or what have you) For those that are not knowledgeable of Alabama politics - they are clever, they are crazy, and the state motto is "We Dare Defend Our Rights." Yes, there are many backwards people here, but have faith that the new generations are not so closed minded - I just wish more of them around here were feminists,lol! I will not hold my breath

  • Sheryl Leigh-Davault
    Sheryl Leigh-Davault

    No, but you can light the waY~"

  • jessica stanfield
    jessica stanfield

    thank you sheryl:)

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Parenting...oh my.

  • Laura Creighton
    Laura Creighton

    Whew! Next they will be wondering how to explain to their children why a black man is marrying a white woman. Or, why a healthy man is marrying a paraplegic woman. Or, how animals can have babies without getting married first. (By the way, this is sarcasm.) If you hadn't drilled it into your child's head that only men and women can get married, it would not be necessary to explain anything at all.

  • Angela

    What I think will be difficult to explain to the kids is why, after they a man (or woman) treat their partner badly by using mean language, cruel tones, violence, shaming, anger, or other negative things, THOSE two people are getting married. How will I explain THAT?

  • Emily Moyer
    Emily Moyer

    Well I think he didn't have to insult the children and that gay marriage is against the bible and what God said I'm not saying that it worse than any other sin it's not but it is blatantly disobeying God

  • Emily Moyer
    Emily Moyer

    To Angela u are completely right

  • Caitlin

    Dear Emily: He is a COMEDIAN. It's not that confusing.

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Too true, friends.

What Will Happen If Gay Marriage Is Legalized?
  • Avradi

    I disagree with the fourth point though. Gay sex should be part of sex ed, too. It's important for heterosexuaals and homosexuals to somewhat know what they're doing.

  • jessica stanfield
    jessica stanfield

    it angers me that my uncle and his partner have OUTLASTED all of the heterosexual marriages in my family (they have been together for over 32 years) and THEY are the threat to the "sanctity" - not the bachelor, bachelorette, newlywed shows, dating shows, the fact that over half end in failure (if marriage was a business, it would be beankrupt right now with how much it fails, but the gays, the gays are what's gonna bring marriage down....*flicks middle finger to the establishment"

  • George Rodafinos
    George Rodafinos

    Gay Marriage Threat Estimation Schematic

  • Carolyn Sorensen
    Carolyn Sorensen

    Looking forward to regular episodes of the George & Rachel show :))))

  • Ada _BR
    Ada _BR

    hahahah yeah and it's so simply but people love to complicate ir...... sigh!

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Paid off. (I think finger snaps would be appropriate here, correct?)

  • HQ Merriweather
    HQ Merriweather


  • Meredith Mulhall
    Meredith Mulhall

    Snaps all round here!!!

  • Maria Cordova
    Maria Cordova

    I think finger snaps are always appropriate!!!!!

  • Jill Sampieri
    Jill Sampieri

    It makes sense that my brother (who came out at 13) really can't dress at all! Finally!

  • Kevin Shoberg
    Kevin Shoberg

    My closet was Angel Flights and Members Only. No wonder...

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From a fan. Amen, Jon.

  • Clare Stock
    Clare Stock

    Maybe I'm an anomaly, but I have had internet discussions that have changed my mind. I think light and fluffy topics are nice too, but as someone who has a life filled mostly with housework and childcare, I feel I have to be involved in societal discussion not just to keep my brain stimulated but also because it gives me hope that I can help change the future for my children as well... It's disappointing to me when conversation is shut down over little things like whether pinterest is just for crafts or not. Peace!

  • Tincey Bate
    Tincey Bate

    Well said, Jennifer. I may quote you. :o)

  • Louise Æðelred
    Louise Æðelred

    I think a lot of folks have said much of what I would have already. So I'll just say 'more faith - less religion'.

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A hearty congratulations to Tammy Baldwin, the first openly LGBT person ever elected to the U.S. Senate. Years from now, such a distinction may hardly matter, but today we all acknowledge how far we have come and how proud of her we are. Bravo, Senator-elect Baldwin, bravo!

  • Vicki Spindler
    Vicki Spindler

    I voted for her!

  • Rita Sheffield
    Rita Sheffield

    I am so proud to be from Wisconsin right now! (Especially after last year's debacle with our governor- ugh!)

  • Alissa De Valk
    Alissa De Valk

    yay! finally a politician from wisconsin that i don't cringe at every time they appear in the news :) maybe we are finally acting upon our state motto and moving Forward

  • AJ Dawson
    AJ Dawson

    so incredibly exciting! YES!!!

  • Curly Betty
    Curly Betty

    YAY! I voted for her! :)

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These are the kinds of people who inspire me. Tammy Duckworth is an Iraq War Veteran elected to Congress on Tuesday, representing the 8th Congressional District of Illinois. Never let life, or anyone, tell you that you can't.

  • U S Marine 5150
    U S Marine 5150

    Again I have to say, so much bloody win!

  • Shay

    I believe it's a disability because she needs help to do something we with legs can do without help. Doesn't mean she's limited.

  • Cassie Davis
    Cassie Davis

    The newest politically correct term is "exceptionalities." These people have exceptionalities. I am going to school for early childhood education and everything is getting changed to this.

  • Barbara Wolfe
    Barbara Wolfe

    While I believe in political correctness in treating others with respect, a lot of the jargon is just ludicrous. I have actually read "chronologically gifted" to mean us older folks. Gag me with a spoon!

  • Julie Boswell
    Julie Boswell

    Wish there was a 'love' button. Love this.

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It is a bright new morning in America for marriage equality. To think I'd live to see this day... (From LGBT Equality World-Wide) Not only did three states approve same sex marriage, but our first openly lesbian senator was elected in WI, and the people of MN said NO to discrimination. I am one happy citizen today!

  • Theresa Ruskuski
    Theresa Ruskuski

    Nvmd....Mandi's poorly-worded statement confused me.

  • Angela J Anderson
    Angela J Anderson

    Since that was made you can add Minnesota and Hawaii to the list

  • Joann Andrews
    Joann Andrews

    Please add Florida already

  • Elysia Engst
    Elysia Engst

    I wish Alaska would legalize it :/

  • Elizabeth Lynn
    Elizabeth Lynn

    Sadly I feel like Missouri might not be added to this list anytime soon.

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Amen, sister.

Why are they so cute?
  • Julie Boswell
    Julie Boswell

    I'm with Diana Ross on this one. (Never got to say that before. Fun.) 8-)

  • Diana Ross
    Diana Ross


  • Jason Roach
    Jason Roach

    That's me in the photo. I made it as a sort of counter protest to the Westboro Baptist crew. I'm glad it made everyone smile for a moment out of their day :) Humor is sometimes our only weapon against hatred.

  • Diana Ross
    Diana Ross


  • Diana Ross
    Diana Ross


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Proud to count Star Trek TNG's LeVar Burton among the celebrities saying NoH8. "Repin" if you agree.

I've taken some heat for my endorsement of President Obama, but the beauty of our democracy is that we can disagree and still come together as a nation. If you missed my latest video (with Jane Lynch, Jesse Tyler Fergeson, Zachary Quinto, Wanda Sykes and others), watch it here, and leave me a comment letting me hear your thoughts!

  • Kimberly Wolf
    Kimberly Wolf

    Incredibly moving! I pray that Obama wins this election because the thought of moving backwards on LGBT and women's rights scares and infuriates me! Thanks for standing up for your beliefs!

  • Tatiyana (Tonya) Bridge
    Tatiyana (Tonya) Bridge

    I watched this video yesterday, once by myself and the second time with my wife. Both times it made me cry. It's beautiful and moving; and it really does mean more than words can say that there are people that accept us and are supporting us in our fight for equal rights.

  • Shelby Phelps
    Shelby Phelps

    Thank you for participating in this video, George. I want future generations to grow up knowing there are people in this world who still believe in the power of love and compassion, free from judgement. I want to grow old in an America of equality and acceptance.

  • Shelley Hannig
    Shelley Hannig

    Why should anyone take heat for who they are voting for? That's what makes this country a democracy, everyone can vote according to their conscience and then talk about it. I'm not an Obama fan myself, but I celebrate everyone's right to choose the candidate they want.

  • Jillian Ganci
    Jillian Ganci

    Beautiful. Obama got my vote 4 years ago and he got it again last week when I sent in my absentee ballot. Love this man.

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Planned Papahood.

  • Beth Zimmerman
    Beth Zimmerman

    The morning after pill would come in "Cold Pizza" flavor. I mean, it's men and it's the morning after.

  • Karen Strother
    Karen Strother

    Beth! HA! That is great!

  • Sharon Cramer
    Sharon Cramer

    --and it would like like an aspirin, and be put in your tomato juice!

  • Mercedes Charity
    Mercedes Charity

    They'd also think twice about where they'd put their items

Join me to stand against bullying by "going purple" on Spirit Day 10/19. Friends, REPIN if you agree bullying in our schools must end.

On this National Coming Out Day, I honor this young man whose death helped change the world. Read my thoughts at www.allegiancemus...

  • Sara Adams: StrongArts&Crafts
    Sara Adams: StrongArts&Crafts

    Thank you for sharing this. It's a touching remembrance.

  • Heather Poire
    Heather Poire

    Still makes me teary.

  • Mary Van Vactor
    Mary Van Vactor

    As always, well put Mr. Takei

  • Susan Kay-Attwood
    Susan Kay-Attwood

    No-one should have to go through this or have this happen. We need to remember this.

  • Cora Stanley
    Cora Stanley

    Bless the heart who believe to stay true to his own beating heart.

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In this age of discord, a story of two unlikely friends that simply enjoy their walk together.

  • Hakim Aceval
    Hakim Aceval


Courage comes in many forms. REPIN this to support these brave, brave people.

  • Cat Twyman
    Cat Twyman

    Amber Walker, I believe no matter who or what you are, you have to be brave to be yourself.

  • Michayla Sullivan
    Michayla Sullivan

    Amber Walker Cat Twyman True, but I'm thinking that those guys being themselves takes a little more bravery than most other situations.

  • Sarah Bradshaw
    Sarah Bradshaw

    Obviously ... There will b no 2nd annual parade

  • Te Brown
    Te Brown

    God bless these courageous men and women.

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Well, this may be pretty much dead on when you think about it.

  • Lizzy Mckean
    Lizzy Mckean

    Phobia; from the Greek: φόβος, Phóbos, meaning "fear" or "morbid fear"

  • Emily Joy Walker
    Emily Joy Walker

    Actually, this is derived scientifically. Philic is attracted to/love and phobic is repelled by/hate.

  • AudreJean

    "Homophobes" are just Takei-haters, which makes them losers in my book! ;)

  • Maya Khasin
    Maya Khasin

    I think this is claiming that the term "homophobia" is a misnomer, not disputing the origins of the word.

  • Velvet Cyberpunk
    Velvet Cyberpunk

    homophobia is NOT a misnomer because thbe word means fear yes, but the orginial Greek meaning meant to fear, but also to be repelled by or to have an aversion to. Rabies is also called hydrophobia because when you are suffering from it you have an aversion to water because you can't drink it.

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Figgered as much.

  • Krystal Vinson
    Krystal Vinson

    Figs were out of season. Lol. :-)

  • Celeste Rothstein
    Celeste Rothstein

  • Christina Levy
    Christina Levy


  • Rose Anderson
    Rose Anderson

    Liturgical documents of the early Christian church in the 10th through 12th centuries show ceremonies for same-sex unions between men. Curiously, the doctrine based upon love & acceptance is now used as an instrument of hatred & bigotry by some. In many contemporary Western cultures, there are those who consider homosexuality & bisexuality to be abnormal. The truth is they're seen in many species throughout the natural world including the primates of which humans belong. Historically speaking, alter-sexualities have been part of every race & culture, socio-economic class & educational level, & have existed since the earliest of human societies. To some cultures this duel-nature was seen as a divine gift. Possessing two spirits was a powerful & celebrated occurrence. The following tale touches upon the many shades of humanity from love & friendship to obsession & prejudice. & it's FREE I use romance to help create tolerance. :)

  • Sarah Corrice
    Sarah Corrice

    LOL!! I laughed so hard when I saw this! hahahahahahh

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The prime meat directive: there shall be no interference by restaurants with the affairs of civilizations. (The Company donated over 2 mil to anti same sex marriage initiatives in the past 2 years. In fairness, many companies SUPPORT same sex marriage--just not typically with 2 million.)

  • Emily Moyer
    Emily Moyer

    I think that it was honorable that chikfila stood up for what they believe Is right an I'm proud to say that I enjoyed chikfila on that day

  • Emily Moyer
    Emily Moyer

    You all are talking about accepting ppls beliefs but u can't buy anything from an anti gay store talk about hypocrites

  • Gwyn McVay
    Gwyn McVay

    Emily, why exactly are you following George Takei? Seriously, go back under your bridge.

  • Emily Moyer
    Emily Moyer

    Who the heck do u think u are

  • Emily Moyer
    Emily Moyer

    And I'm not following him so

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Discrimination. End it. REPIN if you think DOMA must go.

  • Lemons

    You misspelled DOGMA;)

  • Angie Zembal
    Angie Zembal

    He's referring to the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), not dogma.

  • Mary Woodring
    Mary Woodring

    *facepalm* I got it, The Bomb. And agree.

It's not easy being green, but we stand together no matter what our differences are. Thank you, Jim Henson Company.

  • Pontoon Francis;)
    Pontoon Francis;)

    ^ Courtney really? How about you must marry a man with curly hair only because marrying a man with straight hair is just ew and they get lice

  • Pontoon Francis;)
    Pontoon Francis;)

    I'm sorry if you only love straight haired men but that's my opinion and you have to agree because I said so.

  • Courtney Daniels
    Courtney Daniels

    Are u an idiot? Pope Francis?

  • Pontoon Francis;)
    Pontoon Francis;)

    Not at all Charlie Daniels

  • Courtney Daniels
    Courtney Daniels

    Ok then

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