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    My name is George Tupak. I am a professional visionary Shaman. More than a profession for me, I am helping people in their search for happiness.

    Shamanic Journeying 101 - a crash course in shamanic journeying, including a detailed, jam packed eBook explaining core concepts and introducing you to the basics of shamanic journeying, and 3 guided shamanic journeys to jump start your journeying practice. #GeorgeTupak

    The process of divination, or gaining guidance and information from higher sources, has existed for as long as humans have. The reason for doing this varies, but for shamans, it is for healing. Explore divination and learn how it can help you in this post. #GeorgeTupak

    Release pain, heal illness, and overcome trauma all with the little known practice of shamanic illumination, or removing heavy, low energy illness causing thoughts, emotions, and feelings from your body. #GeorgeTupak

    The Shamanism Bible: The Definitive Guide to Shamanic Thought and Practice « Shamanista #GeorgeTupak

    Deadly Dance: Three tornadoes in the high desert near Deeth, Nevada by Jeffrey Sullivan #GeorgeTupak

    Lake Harriet, Spring Mountain Ranch State Park, Nevada #GeorgeTupak

    Hot spots: A guide to Northern Nevada Hot Springs. #GeorgeTupak

    ✯ Otherworldly Sunset - Cathedral Gorge State Park - Panaca, Nevada #GeorgeTupak

    Carson City, Nevada....who would have guessed. #GeorgeTupak

    Fly Ranch Geyser is a small geothermal geyser that is located approximately 20 miles (32 km) north of Gerlach, in Washoe County, Nevada. The Geyser is located in Hualapai Flat, about 1/3 of a mile from State Route 34. It is large enough to be seen from the road. #GeorgeTupak

    Guides may use the form of an Animal to communicate with you. Animal Guides are powerful messages. When Animal Guides come, listen to your instincts. Observe your totem. Is it land, air, water, or combination of some elements. Is it above you, to one side, below? Seen, or heard? Day or night? Hunter? Nocturnal? Loner, or part of a clan? These are all communications to consider as well as what the Totem means to you. What is the message? Seventh Crow. #GeorgeTupak

    prob. 17-18th C. Norwegian Sami People Drum. During rituals a ring was moved around on the drum membrane. Predictions and conclusions were made based on rune itself and the path that the ring took in selecting it. #GeorgeTupak

    Africa | Minganji Dancer. Minganji costumes are found throughout the Pende areas of southwest D.R. Congo | Photographer Patellani. Included in the publication "Let's travel in the Congo". published in 1965 #GeorgeTupak

    shaman’s costume, which is in very good condition, is one of the oldest worldwide. The costume includes a coat, two aprons, boots, different masks, a cap, and many accessories, so that, in fact, it represents a whole shaman’s ensemble. Something like 70 metal objects have been affixed to the body of the coat while along each upper arm and on the shoulders are a row of antler-like iron ornaments #GeorgeTupak

    The shaman knows the drama of the human soul, its instability, its precariousness ... the forces that threaten it and the regions to which it can be carried away. If shamanic cure involves ecstasy, it is because illness is regarded as *a corruption or alienation of the soul.* ~Mircea Eliade #GeorgeTupak

    "Body Language: The Yogis of India and Nepal" at the Rubin Museum of Art. Striking color photographs by Thomas L. Kelly capture extraordinary-looking male sadhus (as well as a female sadhvi), famously known as ascetics and yogis of South Asia. #GeorgeTupak

    You are an artist of the spirit. Find yourself and express yourself in your own particular way. Express your love openly. Life is nothing but a dream, and if you create your life with love, your dream becomes a masterpiece of art. ~Don Miguel Ruiz ~ Image: La Loba, means "Woman who runs with the wolves" #GeorgeTupak | Yosemite National Park, Half Dome from Tunnel View | George Tupak Yosemite National Park, Half Dome from Tunnel View #GeorgeTupak

    Looking for a unique day trip from Las Vegas? Why not explore the wealth of natural wonders close by?! #GeorgeTupak

    A guide to some of the most inspiring natural landscapes with a day's drive of Las Vegas. See more pics at #travel #wanderlust #nature #GeorgeTupak

    We're aware of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, but there's another lesser-known sight — the Havasu Falls — that you shouldn't miss out on. The red rocks and vibrant blue waters make a really stunning contrast. Sources: Shutterstock and Corbis Images #GeorgeTupak

    Lehman Caves Delicate rare limestone formations make the Lehman Caves one of the most wonderful underground chambers on the globe. Located in the Great Basin National Park, Nevada, USA, the cave was discovered in 1885 by Absalom Lehman. #GeorgeTupak

    Nevada Amazing discounts - up to 80% off Compare prices on 100's of Travel booking sites at once Multicityworldtra... #GeorgeTupak

    An estimated 28,000 wild horses roam free in the state of Nevada. | 10 Amazing Things You Never Knew About Nevada #GeorgeTupak

    55 acres of crystal clear water, sandy beaches, rocky coves & shady forests... In other words: Paradise in Nevada. #GeorgeTupak