George Tupak
George Tupak
George Tupak

George Tupak

My name is George Tupak. I am a professional visionary Shaman. More than a profession for me, I am helping people in their search for happiness.

Cheyenne – Native American people of the Great Plains of the United States. #GeorgeTupak

Native American Indians | Postcards & Photos: Cabinet Photo Native American Indian #GeorgeTupak

Black Native American Indians | Portrait of Native Americans from the Cherokee, Cheyenne, Choctaw ... I hear so many people say they are mixed with Native American but don't know their own tribes. I have Choctaw and Cherokee- from Arkansas and Alabama. #GeorgeTupak

An estimated 28,000 wild horses roam free in the state of Nevada. | 10 Amazing Things You Never Knew About Nevada #GeorgeTupak

The Non-Gamblers Guide to Las Vegas! Visit Las Vegas Nevada for shopping, spas, luxury hotels, specialty restaurants and fantastic shows! You will not regret traveling to Las Vegas for vacation with friends, family or solo! #GeorgeTupak

Petroglyphs, which date back at least 10,000 years, have been found on limestone boulders near Pyramid Lake in northern Nevada's high desert #GeorgeTupak

Turning Point Gallery / Heart of the Jaguar by Susan Seddon-Boulet "A magnificent, important, Shaman period work with exquisite, richly developed color and imagery. The anthropomorphic, Human/Jaguar central character is wrapped in a elaborately detailed, feathered robe and holds an adorned staff. At heart level a delicate hummingbird hovers above a blooming flower and contrasts with the power of the central character." #GeorgeTupak

Kitchen Witch School of Natural Witchery: Living Shamanism #GeorgeTupak

Shamanic Basics - an eBook in the introduction to shamanism. From foundations of practice, to core techniques, to shamanism today. This eBook is your primer to shamanism. #GeorgeTupak

Native American Religion - Beliefs and Religious Practices #GeorgeTupak

A barren desert playa on the Oregon/Nevada border. The foreground is drying cracks and streaks left behind by muddy water blowing across the plain. #GeorgeTupak

Desert Bighorn Sheep can be found in Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada #GeorgeTupak

Alabama Hills near Lone Pine, California with the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the background #GeorgeTupak