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Well, there it is. This raunchy stupid show. And I enjoyed every yucky moment of it's perfect silliness.

MEMES: True Blood Season 6 – Episode 1′s Quotable Quotes

Now, for the first week back, I found it REALLY hard to pick just a few memes from Episode (entitled, Who Are You, Really?), in the end I decided not to narrow it down to just five or ten memes and included all the

I have never watched any of the twilight movies, and I don't feel a need to. But I LOVE True Blood! (:

Don't even say the words "book club" out loud.

The vamps are back! 20 Fangtastically Funny 'True Blood' Quotes

True Blood: he has a really nice butt, would really like to pinch it over and over...-if you've read the books you'll understand what that butt can make a woman do