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Rebecca Smithson

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Rebecca Smithson
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Some people say we should give Trump a chance and "work together" because he is "everyone's president. "This is my response: I will not "work together" to build a wall

I will not take part in the destruction of basic human rights, clean air, water and making sure my kids and their grandkids have a safe, healthy planet.----But I will fight against the people trying to do these things to us.

thefingerfuckingfemalefury: “ olofahere: “ thefingerfuckingfemalefury: “ irisbleufic: “ …seems wrong not to juxtapose all three (like I did with the first two last time): Top: Mirko Ilic, 2004 / Middle: Nate Beeler, 2013 / Bottom: Sousa, Machado, &.

I don't know if I could physically save him without dying due to my size vs his size. (I'm not trying to imply anything but I'm about and not a strong swimmer anyways)

All my Sunday school lessons... Eternal damnation and demons torturing you of you don't believe. Good times...

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary. Christianity is the religion of love and forgiveness and if you don't believe that, you can burn in a pit of fire for all eternity.

The concept of the Christian-Muslim "god" existing, let alone being regarded as compassionate is comical to me.

Most days, it's still hard to believe that this petulant, spoiled, greedy, man-child, who actually brags like this, has been elected to America's highest office.

Un-freaking-believable that this brain-damaged shitgibbon is in the White House.

RT @WaywardToadSage: I'd pay to see this actually happen #TrumpSlap #Resist - Twilight Winter

Incompetent, Lying POS blames President Obama or Hillary because he knows he's Fake and hasn't got a clue how to govern! What a Total Piece of Shit!

Love this! Found on Twitter.

Love this! Found on Twitter.