can't wait to get my burgundy converse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cold weather calls for warm hearted Snow Boots Cheap ugg boots Outlet for Christmas gifts.

oh how I love the red && cheetah print ones ! (; <3

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if i had all of these kinds of colored converse i would never need to wear any other kinds of shoes. my dream

Converse New pair! Emerald green & navy blue ombre Converse, dip dye sneakers, All Stars… Batman Custom Converse / Painted Shoes

Love that summer time ✨

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Black Converse - love these shoes - just bought these a month ago!! :)

Ill also get one of the models to wear black and white converse as they look good when wearing dark clothing.

1. Function: comfortable footwear 2. Form: converse sneakers come in the same basic shapes 3. Materials: made from fabric w/ rubber soles 4. Production: must be able to be manufactured in the same settings and within the same time frame as other converse products in order to keep customer satisfaction

when i was a kid to early teens. I used to wear and love converse shoes, my oldest brother bought me my first pair. Although I dont wear them much now, I still love them.

I'm not usually a fan of "floral print" shoes, or anything for that matter, but for some reason, I really like these.

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