similar to what my heroines does: Junk metal sculpture

In the midst of a successful career in bronze sculpting, John Lopez discovered this exciting new direction: scrap iron sculpting. Not wanting to depart from his bronze casting expertise, John found a way to merge the two art forms into a new hybrid sculpt

similar to the stairs that leads to the dungeon

The secret passage Gemma uses to flee the castle the night of her husbands murder. One of the assassins decides to spare her life and she escapes through here, ending up in the East Side of the city.

Rusted Metal nudes--like Eve does

Ecstasy by Karen Cusolito This massive figurative installation by California-based mixed media artist Karen Cuolito stands a staggering 30 feet high, made of 9 tons of salvaged steel. The sculpture.

similar to Eve's work

Stunning Wire Sculptures Capture The Movement Of The Human Body

jedavu: “Breathtaking Wire Sculptures Capture the Fluidity of the Human Body English artist Richard Stainthorp captures the beautiful energy and fluidity of the human body using wire. The life-sized.

Donald Gialanella Horse sculpture. Made from over 350lbs. of recycled scrap steel shaped and welded into place.  similar to my heroines work

Made from over of recycled scrap steel shaped and welded into place. similar to my heroines work

metal sculpture Judit Rabozky - Cat I

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a fuller version

Futuristic mountain resort widescreen desktop mobile iphone android hd wallpaper and desktop.

ideas for a mountain home

Five levels modern slope house design (Canada) is distributed along a steep mountain slope, developing diverse relations to the surrounding views, the landscape and the internal program or functions of the house. Studio Nminus One

similar to the mountains in Exilum

similar to the mountains in Exilum