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Celtic Scarf Knot: because I can never have enough ways to tie scarves!


Funny Congratulations Ecard: I really love how we can just look at each other & know that were making fun of the same person.

Fall decor!! Love this!!!

My favorite can decor. Milk Can Ideas. Have you come upon an old milk can? View this board for some ideas on what you can do with your milk can.

Funny Best Friends | funny friendship quote, funny quotes about friendship and poop @Megan Ward Ward Ward Ward Fernández

funny friendship quote, funny quotes about friendship and poop. Need to add FARTS!

#friendship #quote

It so doesn't matter who likes us . WE like us. Ill say this to Eddie all the time! Eddie, it doesnt matter who likes you, as long as you like you

Possibly the cutest Boston Terrier #Baby Animals #cute baby Animals| http://awesome-cute-baby-animals-gallery.blogspot.com

Baby Boston terrier Bowe-Hernandez Vivian Seriously this face That dog is so cute!


Plant A Bra

Bra Planter - How To Grow Plants Like Boobs - Great DIY Project for Green Thumb: This is a great idea! Grow flowers in a bra!

#funny haha not really I would take a real one if I had too.

"Not a real bullet? She shakes her head "N-o, not a real bullet." she replies "I mean, who knows, maybe if the time comes around I might, but for now I would only take nerf bullet.

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