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Mandalorian helmet

Scratches created by sanding down through paint layers. Must have several coats of silver and sealer as a base.

Outer Rim Clone Trooper

This kind of thing makes me think about enlisting. of course. if I lived in the republic. (Commander Geddez by ~jdeberge)

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Clone commando (aka imperial special forces) Cosplay (looks pretty damn good

Havoc Trooper (Star Wars)

Havoc Trooper (Star Wars) i want the armor. its bad ass. for a plastic boy

Japanese Star Wars toys make Darth Vader and Boba Fett look fiercer than ever | The Verge

It's not easy to make Boba Fett appear more intimidating than he already is but the Star Wars Play Arts Kai Boba Fett Variant Figure proves that it can actually