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Organic Manny F1 Hybrid Cucumber - Thin-skinned, charming size and sweet flavor! Manny is a spineless and burpless (seedless) Beit Alpha cucumber. Delicious, mild flavor makes this a perfect variety for salads or snacking!


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Organic Miami F1 Hybrid Carrot - Well-adapted as either an early or a main season carrot, Miami produces consistently uniform, cylindrical 6” long roots that tend to get stout as they mature. Feathery, attractive tops make for nice fresh market bunches. Nice crunch with carroty flavor. One of the sweetest varieties in our 2012 fall carrot trials.


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Organic Silver Slicer Cucumber - A creamy white slicing cucumber with excellent flavor and lovely smooth skin! Thirty-five seedsters can’t be wrong: Silver Slicer cut through the competition to take not the silver but the gold in our 2013 cucumber taste test. Hands down winner due to its mild flavor, juicy texture and thin skin.


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Organic Diamond Eggplant - We were so excited to discover this variety in our trials fields and it has really proven itself a standout for several seasons now. This OP eggplant is a very prolific and early producer. The slender, attractive dark purple fruit hang in clusters for easy picking. Diamond has a mild flavor and lacks bitterness as well as having a fine, creamy texture. This is the one to grow if you want eggplants in a short season.


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Raised beds at the Berkshire Botanical Gardens in Massachusetts. Requires a large initial investment of time and energy, but after that, it would be very easy to maintain.


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