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Toyota @ War

Talk about tough 4 wheel drive trucks!

Toyota @ War

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1947 Toyopet ~ the original post-war Toyota Not at war, but pretty cool

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red white and blue

tricked out

Pickup Trucks of the Libyan Liberation

bad roads

Wannabe Toyota Hopefully they can avoid becoming soldiers, rebels or pirates

Las Fotos Mas Alucinantes

Bad gas mileage with all that weight on the rear springs...

traffic jam

An entire 'brigade' of converted Toyota war trucks

Improvised armored truck, skulls and all

still running!

Impressive when Toyotas are converted into mobile missile platforms

Not so great in rainy climates

looks like it out of alignment

work break

Hanging out the side not recommended....

Libyan rebels stop on the road Ajdabiya - notice the flag color painted on the hood

Libyan rebels attack government troops as a natural gas facility burns near Ras Lanuf, Libya on March 9, 2011.

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A group of armed men and boys in a Toyota pickup near Takya, right along the Pakistani-Afghan border

Normally bright colors aren't a great idea in war zones....

Indonesia this time....

OK, it's not really a Toyota at war, but this Top Gear truck would certainly be bought as a trophy by any Somali pirate or Libyan rebel

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Ak47s standard equipment

There will be a 'graffiti surcharge' when they return it to the rental car agency....

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The Taliban really love Toyotas, most of them smuggled in from Pakistan. When asked by the NY Times about the affinity for their brand, Wade Hoyt, Toyota's NY spokesman, put the best corporate spin on the situation shortly after 9/11. "It is not our proudest product placement," he said. "But it shows that the Taliban are looking for the same qualities as any truck buyer: durability and reliability."

Al-Qaeda’s Ride Of Choice — 1389 Blog - Counterjihad!

Rwanda 1994 Not everyone has to fit inside the truck