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Lion Sculpture, Statue, Sculptures, Sculpture
Who tells ego-boosting lies in a dream and knows in their dream they’re lying? That would be Doña Quixote - MY LIFE WITH DEMENTIA
Escher Stairs, Black Key Holder, Penrose Triangle, New Years Ball, Mud Hut, Dollar Note, Perpetual Motion, Vanishing Point, Dementia
Can Doña Quixote still cross the road? Only when Peter helps her plot an exit from the Escher stairs in her head - MY LIFE WITH DEMENTIA
Christ Child, The Birth Of Christ, Roi Mage, Ciel Nocturne, Magi, Old Soul, Astronomer, Horrific
A snowball’s chance in hell? or How a (19-year-old) old soul “plays with and is fed by” a horrific accident - MY LIFE WITH DEMENTIA
You Are My Rock, Love You The Most, I Think Of You, Therapy Today, Read Letters, Saturday Evening Post Covers, Knight In Shining Armor, Monty Python, Thoughts Of You
My Knight in Shining Armor read “Letter to Gerda” at AlzAuthor-Kensington zoom dementia discussion yesterday - MY LIFE WITH DEMENTIA
Norval, Parkinson’s Disease, Free Event, Caregiver, Repeating Patterns, Utah, Artist, Fashion
Updated link for Zoom talk with 2 dementers and 2 caregivers Wed Nov 29, 6 pm EST; 4 pm MT (Utah), 3 pm PST - MY LIFE WITH DEMENTIA
The University Of Utah, Research Scientist, Power Of Attorney, Study Program, Heart Failure, Neurologist, Gender Studies, Alzheimer's Disease
Wed Nov 29 Zoom discussion: Marianne Sciuccio (dementia caregiver), retired neurologist Daniel Gibbs (has dementia); Jane Dwinnell (caregiver); and Gerda (dementer) - MY LIFE WITH DEMENTIA
Green Bird, Black Bird, Anton, Italy Photograph, Strix Nebulosa, Great Grey Owl, Peregrine Falcon, Migratory Birds, Photo Awards
Time, love, and the body: “The force that through the green fuse drives the flower,/ Drives my green age” - MY LIFE WITH DEMENTIA
Dementia Charity, Cycle Challenge, Work In Africa, Journey Of Hope, Living With Dementia, United States Congress, Family Doctors
You ask, Gerda & 4 dementia buddies tell “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Living with Dementia” - MY LIFE WITH DEMENTIA
Drawing Artwork, Drawing & Illustration, George Melies, Moon Face, Sign Printing, Original Drawing, Great Artists, Inktober, Dark Side
Failing toward the moon: as Doña Quixote tumbles toward the dark side, Gerda is gentled into a course correction - MY LIFE WITH DEMENTIA
Marie Claire, Louie Schwartzberg, What Is Creativity, Ted Speakers, Ocean City Nj, Especie Animal, Stone Harbor, Feel Younger, Magical Art
“I shut my eyes and all the world drops dead; I lift my eyes and all is born again.” - MY LIFE WITH DEMENTIA
Persian Restaurant, Quantum World, Balk, Bathroom Furnishings, Evening Meals, Painting, Life
Doña Quixote balks at being in two places at the same time - MY LIFE WITH DEMENTIA
Marriage, Wedding Day, Celebrities, Married, First Photo, Human, The Past
13 years out from my dementia diagnosis, 6 days out from my surgery, Peter and I are celebrating 52 years of marriage - MY LIFE WITH DEMENTIA
Treading Water, The Pilgrim's Progress, Protestantism, Web Gallery, Great Wave Off Kanagawa, John The Baptist, Kids Church
“The hill, though high, I covet to ascend.” Bring on my surgery! Let Doña Quixote be my biggest difficulty again! - MY LIFE WITH DEMENTIA
Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Guernica, Gustav Klimt, Oil Painting On Canvas, Canvas Art, Canvas Paintings, Rene Magritte, Paul Gauguin
Gerda keeps busy to make the time to her surgery fly. Doña Quixote is a fly in Gerda’s hoped-for absinthe - MY LIFE WITH DEMENTIA