robert tatin.

this would be so cool to do on the stairs to the Art Room at school! Staircase by French artist Robert Tatin

optical illusion

This optical illusion moves when you don't look at it directly! While I'm reading this description it's moving I can see it at the corner of my eye!

Ice Music - this band makes their instruments from ice and embeds lights inside. They've made cellos, violins, violas, guitars, xylophones, spherical drums, etc. They play classical, rock, pop, bluegrass, and more (via Erin)

Ice Music - this band makes their instruments from ice and embeds lights inside. They've made cellos violins violas guitars xylophones spherical drums etc. They play classical rock pop bluegrass and more (via Erin)

I am just saying

Custommade Chandelier Globe Design - You will surely get a lot of praises for choosing it to go with your antique or classic home decor. The beauty of this chandelier is that you can sport it with a very trendy decor as well.

How cute is this idea? Instead of a guest book, have a dictionary where people can circle a word that describes the couple, marriage or just something funny.  Then have them write a note & sign their name.

24 Guestbook Ideas We Bet You've Never Seen Before

Guestbook idea: leave out a dictionary and guests are invited to select a word (and description) that will remind us of our wedding day. Guests then sign it or leave a note.

stripe wall

Bringing black and white to the outside of your home, outdoor wallpaper, or as Wall & Decò call it, OUT – Outdoor Unconventional Texture.

Epsom Salts. So useful!

Is there is a difference between sea salt and table salt? The answer is yes! The benefits of Celtic sea salt and Himalayan salt can be immense .

Bye-bye old bulbs!  I didn't like changing you anyway ~

HOW TO: Switch Your Light Bulbs And Get Ready for the Big Light Bulb Phase-Out

Inhabitat's DIY guide on how to switch your old incandescent bulbs to energy saving LED bulbs and get ready for the incandescent bulb phase-out.

Check out these awesome mosaics ~

Check out these awesome mosaics ~

Zorbing?  I like it.  ~G

Zorbing in New Zealand. I have no idea what "zorbing" is exactly, but it seems to involve bubbles and water.