72 Ways To Think & Present Your Ideas

Immigrants Population In Various Popular Countries On The Globe Infographic

North Korea's Refugees Infographic

Syrian refugee crisis. #WorldVision #Syria #childrenofSyria


WebGL UI / Infographics work done at Digitaria / JWT UI Design: Leo Rabelo Animations: Eric Miner Development: Jim Beaver... - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All

anatomy of ice cream / small batch creative - tells a complete story in pictures. leads your eye through the graphic. breaking down something that's already simple.

climate hacking candy floss kitchen budapest, tinker.it, pixelache

New York carbon

politicians and salaries, equality countries

The Transformer: Principles of Making Isotype Charts is the first English-language volume to capture the story of Isotype, an essential foundation for our modern visual language dominated by pictograms in everything from bathroom signage to computer interfaces to GOOD’s acclaimed Transparencies.


Emoto Installation. Emoto captured and visualised the global response around the London 2012 Olympic Games on Twitter in an interactive onli...

Information graphics in context by Peter Ørntoft, via Behance

David McCandless

this infographic used interesting shapes for the pie chart and information.

College Freshmen

Where Does My Money Go? is part of OpenSpending, where you can find information about government finance from countries across the world.

First Job kit

Divorce Kit http://www.uncommongoods.com/product/your-divorce-is-final-kit

Nursing Your Lungs

Info Graphics, Interesting percentage #Graphic Design| http://graphic-design-collections-373.lemoncoin.org

French fry consumption by month in 2010