interieur en decoratie
120 Pins
a metal lantern sitting on top of a white fur covered floor next to some branches
the collage shows several different types of furs and other things that are laying on top of each other
several pictures of different items and things in the room that are made out of driftwood
several different pictures of pottery and other items
there are pictures of different things made out of wood and rope in the same photo
three pictures of vases with moss in them and one has a rope on it
there are many vases on the shelves with moss growing in them and one is empty
a group of wooden rolling pins sitting on top of a metal tray next to glass vases
deegrollen oud
an old wooden box filled with pots and pans
there are three pictures of different things in this photo and one is filled with silver balls
olijfbakken en oude schalen met kerstballen
four different pictures of bells and other items
stoere, landelijke kerst
an assortment of vases sitting on top of a wooden table
ornamenten van hout en steen
Bags, Straw, Straw Bag
two wooden cutting boards hanging on a wall
there are many pots and containers on the shelf
landelijke spullen op de keukenplank