Bathtime, baby butt and bulldog butt

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awwww-cute: Best umbrella ettiquette, spotted on the streets of NYC

We didn't do it

Boxer and baby, dog and toddler have cake icing frosting all over mouths faces, I love these kinds of pictures lol

Like boy, like dog ~

Pets and children. Photos of kids hanging with their best friends. Adorable pets and kids. Who was your best friend as a child.

Lol amazing photo

Bulldog catching a drink from a water fountain.



embarrassedboys: “One of them is a bad boy and must be punished… one of them is a well trained puppy and needs a belly rub… but which is which?

Humour_496.jpg (THAT'S FUNNY)

Sur qui le chien se retourne-t-il?

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Old English sheep dog Elvis

Huge dog - Old English Sheepdog pic

My Old English Sheepdog Daisy.

My Old English Sheepdog Daisy. I love you Daisy.

Old English Sheepdogs

Old English Sheepdogs - Reminds me of my two as puppies.

You can never have too many sheepdogs;)

It's a sheepdog army! Actually, it's behind-the-scenes of a Dulux paint commercial. And all so well behaved.

I want one so bad. Einstein or Edison.

Old English Sheepdog, Lambluv Gambolon Blue Thunder. (I had an Old English for 14 years-- They're the most amazing dogs, especially if you enjoy laughing.

Sooo cute. Perfect pic to show OES personality!

Spring is in the air!

Pour me another one, Jim.

old english sheep dogs awwwh Ive had two oes and I love them.

#Funny Dogs:        Swan dive

❤ To beat the summer heat, he loves to jump into the pool ❤ english bulldog

ぅデう신천지게임사이트にぎノユヨャ▶▶ GG35。SCAY。NET ◀◀アゴド용의눈게임사이트グギホ◀◀황금성게임 손오공게임 예시황금성 용의눈게임사이트인터넷릴게임오션게임pc 씨엔조이게임사이트 게임황금성황금성다운로드릴게임신천지 Big sweet old English sheepdog!

Big sweet old English sheepdog! (he may not be a puppy still but he is adorable engough)

There are days when even when you walk out the door with a spring in your step, you still can’t seem to catch a break. Perhaps incessant demands, unexpected delays, last minute changes or any number of events beyond your control occur that render you dumbfounded as to how the day shifted from where you … … Continue reading →

love the room, the bed, and the dog. Love this idea for old milk cans.