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Verbs of senses (feel, smell, taste, look)

This worksheet can come in handy when you learn verbs of senses. The warming up activity with pictures will attract students' attention to this topic.

What are these people doing?

A simple picture-sentence matching to practise Present Continuous tense. Present continuous (progressive) tense, Reading, Spelling, Writing, Elementary

Learning English, vocabulary, ESL, English phrases,

English Chat [English Conversations]Free chat where ESL learners and teachers can chat in English For learners of English.

Free English Idiom Lesson! Idioms About School

School idioms in English are popular with students and teachers alike. Have a look at our fun school idioms illustration!

English Idioms: The Weather - Kaplan International Colleges Blog

Do you feel under the weather? Discover how to use weather idioms with our fun illustration! Learn to speak English like a native with Kaplan International!

English Idioms: Love - Kaplan International Colleges Blog

Discover how to use love idioms in English using this graphic created by Kaplan International English.

Kaplan International English Here are some examples of how these idioms are used. Please remember that these idioms are all used in an inf.