Brooklynn Thomas AMST 3050 - New York Street Art Joe Iurato /// Bushwick Collective, Brooklyn, New York City

Street Art in Poland

Painting by ETAM CRU. The girl in a jam mural is just too awesome to not put in here. This painting is called Moonshine and can be seen on the streets of Richmond, VA, United States.


It's not just a crack on the wall. "Find the cracks and exploit the discoveries to be revealed there . then move on to practice running headlong into the brick walls. Cracks crack first. Heads crack before brick walls. (from: STREET ART UTOPIA)"


The Legend of Giants, Białystok, Poland by Natalia Rak ★Great idea and beautiful painting!

street art

Artist unknown ,Street and Public Art, Luchi Tomario, Photographer, "The photo was taken in the spring of 2008 in the center of the city of Santiago de Chile

Arte Callejero / Street Art

The great escalator was made for The Simpsons movie. It features everyone’s favorite dolt chomping down on donuts at the bottom of the escalator. It looks like Homer Simpson eating a veggie burger.

Street Art of India - by Shanavas. #TravelToIndia | #MotherTeresa | #Art

Street Art of India - "Mother Teresa" by Shanavas. An incredible saint, and a lovely mural of her.

Garden Art

Patriotic Suncatcher Yard Art, Colorful Garden Decor, Glass Plate Flower, Jarmfarm Garden Art, Outdoor Garden Decoration, Gift For Gardner

~ Conversation ~. street art 000

~ Conversation ~ It would be fun to do a series of shadow art! It would be fun to do things like this around the school and portray people doing things that are positive (above the influence.

Garden Art

Sculpture - A giant spoon piece of Art called " Eat For England " on the Wildspace Network Art Trail