Health is very important for living a longer healthier life. There is so many health benefits and research that have come through in recent years. Here you will find some of the most interesting new health and medication coming through the doors.
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Vitamin D 'heals damaged hearts' - BBC News

Vitamin D 'heals damaged hearts' - BBC News

A pair of cancer drugs can shrink tumours in nearly 60% of people with advanced melanoma, a new trial has suggested. An international trial on 945 patients found treatment with ipilimumab and nivolumab stopped the cancer advancing for nearly a year in 58% of cases. UK doctors presented the data at the American Society of Clinical Oncology. Cancer Research UK said the drugs deliver a "powerful punch" against one of the most aggressive forms of cancer.

Cancer drug combination 'shrinks 60% of melanomas' - BBC News

Being overweight cuts the risk of dementia, according to the largest and most precise investigation into the relationship. The researchers admit they were surprised by the findings, which run contrary to current health advice. The analysis of nearly two million British people, in the Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, showed underweight people had the highest risk.

Being overweight 'reduces dementia risk'

A device the size of a paper clip inserted in the groin has shown promising results in lowering blood pressure, scientists say. In a study of 83 patients, published in The Lancet, those who received the device experienced an immediate reduction in blood pressure. But one-third also developed swelling in their leg which needed treatment. Experts say the device could be a new way of controlling blood pressure, particularly in hard-to-treat cases.

Blood pressure device 'promising'

Top 10 Plants and Herbs for Optimal Lung Health + Cure Infections and Repair Pulmonary Damage

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Being severely obese can knock up to eight years off your life and cause decades of ill health, a report says. The analysis showed being obese at a young age was more damaging to health and life expectancy. The team, at McGill University in Canada, said heart problems and type 2 diabetes were major sources of disability and death.

Obese lose up to eight years of life

HIV is evolving to become less deadly and less infectious, according to a major scientific study. The team at the University of Oxford shows the virus is being "watered down" as it adapts to our immune systems. It said it was taking longer for HIV infection to cause Aids and that the changes in the virus may help efforts to contain the pandemic.

HIV evolving 'into milder form'

Experts say they have achieved a scientific milestone - creating enzymes out of artificial genetic material that they made in their lab. The synthetic enzymes functioned just as well as real ones. The work, in Nature journal, not only provides clues to the building blocks of life but also points to a new way to make therapeutic drugs for humans. The UK Medical Research Council team now hopes to make more complex structures that rival nature.

Scientists make enzymes from scratch

The brain has a weak spot for Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia, according to experts who have pinpointed the region using scans.

Brain's dementia weak spot found

5 Exercises For a Toned Back

On the Ball: 4 Exercises For a Toned Back

A whole functional organ has been grown from scratch inside an animal for the first time, say researchers in Scotland. A group of cells developed into a thymus - a critical part of the immune system - when transplanted into mice. The findings, published in Nature Cell Biology, could pave the way to alternatives to organ transplantation. Experts said the research was promising, but still years away from human therapies.

Whole organ 'grown' in world first

The rate of HIV infections diagnosed in the United States has fallen by a third over the past decade, researchers say. After examining cases from all 50 states, the study found that the diagnosis rate fell to 16.1 per 100,000 people in 2011 from 24.1 in 2002.

US HIV infection rate drops a third

Two previously HIV-positive Australian men have shown no signs of the AIDS virus for more than three years after receiving bone marrow transplants.

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Scientists have developed a new technique to regrow human corneas. Using key tracer molecules, researchers have been able to hunt down elusive cells in the eye capable of regeneration and repair. They transplanted these regenerative stem cells into mice - creating fully functioning corneas. Writing in the journal Nature, they say this method may one day help restore the sight of victims of burns and chemical injuries.

'Human corneas re-grown in mice'

Good to remember. Lbs and Calories. Great way to determine how much you should burn each week.

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Children can learn to eat new vegetables if they are introduced regularly before the age of two, suggests a University of Leeds study. Even fussy eaters can be encouraged to eat more greens if they are offered them five to 10 times, it found. The research team gave artichoke puree to 332 children aged between four and 38 months from the UK, France and Denmark. One in five cleared their plates while 40% learned to like artichoke.

Offer vegetables early and often to fussy toddlers, study says

Diet foods

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A rotator cuff injury is a major set back for athletes. Here are the best exercises to prevent shoulder injuries.

Injury Free: The Best Rotator Cuff Exercises

An MIT team has developed a paper stick that could someday be used as an inexpensive and accurate way to detect a range of cancers. It holds particular promise for the developing world.

Pee here to find out if you have cancer - CNET

Gene types that influence disease in people today were picked up through interbreeding with Neanderthals, a major study in Nature journal suggests. They passed on variants involved in type 2 diabetes, Crohn's disease and - curiously - smoking addiction.

Neanderthals gave us disease genes

There is little reason to prescribe vitamin D supplements to healthy adults to reduce the risk of diseases or fractures, say researchers writing in the Lancet. They found no significant reduction in risk in any area after analysing more than 100 trials. They added that future studies were unlikely to change the figures.

'No point in vitamin D for healthy'

The world's oldest-known living cancer dates back 11,000 years, according to UK scientists. It arose in a single dog and has survived in canines ever since, with the cancer cells passing between animals when they mate.

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Without any screening tests, pancreatic cancer is rarely diagnosed early, and has become the fourth-leading cause of cancer deaths in the US. Steve Jobs died of it at the age of 56 in 2011.

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See what a balanced diet can do for you

Gut feelings? Cold feet? Body maps show where emotions go

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