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Campers 4 sale

Vintage Campers for sale from all over the internet...especially Ebay. Have a vintage camper to sell? Let me know and I'll pin it. Contact

Campers 4 sale

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Vintage 1957 Kencraft camper Trailer Barn Fresh Shasta Forester Canned Ham | eBay

  • Dawn Koontz
    Dawn Koontz

    Love old campers!

  • Bonnie White
    Bonnie White


  • Chaz Tremewen
    Chaz Tremewen

    Is this for sale?

1963 Trailblazer Mini camper Trailer Shasta Forester Canned Ham Rat Rod Custom | eBay

Mobile Scout Vintage Canned Ham Trailer camper Like Shasta Scotty | eBay

Vintage 1963 Shasta camper Trailer 13ft | eBay

  • Shelley Witcombe
    Shelley Witcombe

    Shelley what are you doing looking at my little camper ! LOL

Restored 1970 Vintage Shasta camper Travel Trailer 1500 with ORG Wings | eBay

  • paula hildestad
    paula hildestad

    Is this still for sale ?

Fir Sale. A Vintage 1961' 1964' Shasta Astrodome 16' Travel Trailer Canned Ham Retro Camper | eBay Ends Oct 19, 2013

For Sale Vintage 1971' Shasta 16SC 16' Travel Trailer Canned Ham Retro camper with Wings | eBay Good until Oct 19th, 2013

Look it's for For Sale. A Vintage 1961 Shasta camper Teardrop Hot Rod Trailer. It Had Wings. For sale until Nov 15, 2013

VINTAGE 1961 Shasta Camper Teardrop Hot Rod Trailer had wings
  • Tammie Prell-Meloy
    Tammie Prell-Meloy

    so purty... but more than i wasn't too spend. great bones though!

For Sale Vintage 1959 Shasta Airflyte 16 ft Travel Trailer Nice Original Condition | saw this on eBay Ends Oct 22, 2013

  • Ella Morris
    Ella Morris

    im lookin for a cute shasta with tiffany blue.

RARE Vintage 1963 1968 Shasta Loflyte Travel Trailer Pick UR Own Colors Camper | $1,150.00

Prowler for sale

For Sale Vintage Camper 1972 Prowler 1,900 or BO- Union Grove, WI

4 sale 1953 Airstream

  • Leah Dix
    Leah Dix

    when was this on tct??

4 sale 49 spartan 85% restored

4 sale 66 cardina $2,250

  • Debbie Syracuse Copfer
    Debbie Syracuse Copfer

    is this still for sale

  • Mel Moss
    Mel Moss

    @ where is it at?

  • Nicole Dolliver-Tyler
    Nicole Dolliver-Tyler

    Is this sold?

  • Mel Moss
    Mel Moss


  • Patricia Crawford
    Patricia Crawford

    clik on the photo and it brings you to the site "tincantourist" which says it's no longer available

4 Sale 1947 Packard Prigg Motorhome This would be sooo cool restored!!

1947 PACKARD PRIGG MOTORHOME - Tin Can Classifieds
  • Kelsey White
    Kelsey White

    love it!

  • Kelly Keith
    Kelly Keith

    How much are you asking for the RV

  • Sylvie Kane
    Sylvie Kane

    Where is this rv? Is it for sale?

4 Sale- 1963 Scotty Sportsman

4 Sale 1955 traveleze $4,000- Calif

4 Sale- Shasta 15' 1963- Ohio $2,000

1957 Aloha 14' $1,850 refurbished throughout!! Ready to roll...

  • Jody Sweet
    Jody Sweet


  • Louann Dyer
    Louann Dyer

    Is this still available? Would appreciate feedback. Thanks

  • LauraandJulio Sanchez
    LauraandJulio Sanchez

    Love the exterior colors

  • Bea Mattice
    Bea Mattice

    Is this camper still available?

  • Jody Sweet
    Jody Sweet

    I have a Scotty Serro which will be ready this summer. $4500.

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Vintage Shasta for sale

Get Campie — vintage trailers
  • Figlewicz Photography
    Figlewicz Photography

    Is this still for sale? email me at

  • Robin Smith
    Robin Smith

    Still available...?

  • Jenee Axton Capponi
    Jenee Axton Capponi

    has this trailer sold?

  • Louann Dyer
    Louann Dyer

    Is this camper still available? Would love feedback. Cute as can be.

  • Jenee Axton Capponi
    Jenee Axton Capponi

    Can you tell me what trailers you have for sale and how much they are?

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1958 Shasta reduced

  • Richard Holzwarth
    Richard Holzwarth

    very interested! Price? Location?

  • Louann Dyer
    Louann Dyer

    Is this still available? Would like price and specifics. Thanks.

  • Leslee Altman
    Leslee Altman

    interested ,is this for sale ? please contact me :) thank you

  • Forgotten Details
    Forgotten Details


  • marjorie mann
    marjorie mann

    Please contact me!!!! I want!!!

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1957 Vintage Shasta Travel Trailer

1957 Vintage Shasta trailer
  • David Lones
    David Lones

    I can picture this being towed behind out '69 Cougar convertible.

  • Emily Miller
    Emily Miller

    How much?

  • Figlewicz Photography
    Figlewicz Photography

    Is this still for sale? email me at

  • warren bennett
    warren bennett

    if this camper is still for sale call 270 797 3828

  • Dana Keel
    Dana Keel

    is this still for sale and how much?

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For Sale- 63 Shasta Vintage Camper

63 Shasta Compact for Sale
  • Mel Moss
    Mel Moss

    @ how much where

  • Jody Sweet
    Jody Sweet


  • Forgotten Details
    Forgotten Details

    website says: PRICE: $4200. Email: if interested. Serious inquiries only please.

  • Chaz Tremewen
    Chaz Tremewen

    Is this sold?

  • Forgotten Details
    Forgotten Details

    Chaz, try emailing kelle at the address above. I'm sure she will know.

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BUY IT NOW $3,100 1966 Airstream Soverign