dapp. we make authentic goods.
dapp. we make authentic goods.
dapp. we make authentic goods.

dapp. we make authentic goods.

We celebrate craft. We make products with a story and connection to place. We make authentic goods for the 21st century.

Where's Jonny? by Jonee.., via Flickr

Robert Hammond of the High Line Indulges in Meditation and Cereal - NYTimes.com

Secret @Harajuku Tokyo by ogino.taro, via Flickr

La Palma Mexica-Tessen deserves a pin for it's awesome name alone. On top, they make their own tortillas from scratch - this sort of thing is hard to find! Everything else is equally made in-house and delicious! There's a lot of good Mexican food in the Mission. La Palma is the best.

Taiwanese dumplings seem like a such a benign thing. In theory, we are looking at dough stuffed with meat. But no words can describe the range of flavors going on here. Din Tai Fung in the eastern suburb of Arcadia is legendary and the two hour wait for Juicy Pork Dumplings a rite of passage.

"Takahiro gets ready for work in his Tokyo apartment." #jcrew

There is a lot of good coffee in SF. Ritual and Four Barrel are both worth a visit, but we love Sightglass coffee for its cathedral like space. And the drinks are prefect every time.

Dog Eared Books is our perfect bookstore with its wonderfully curated selection of classics and obscure. Fun little details throughout the store make it worth visiting even if you are not looking for a book. Most likely, you will still end up buying some intriguing title you never head of!

It's pretty hard to find Mogura in the first place. Try this: At the eastern end of the Japantown mall go to the second floor, wander around until you are inside a utility corridor, look for a door with a small handwritten "Mogura" sign, go inside. Drink sake, listen to karaoke, munch on japanese snacks. You might as well be in Japan. #SanFrancisco

Izakaya Soza serves Japanese comfort food inside a tiny space. Come early to beat the lines and take advantage of the great happy hour. Sake and beer will help to wash down Ramen and seasonal Yakitori. #SanFrancisco

Locals seem to agree that Bourbon and Branch is the best bar in town. We prefer its sister bar Rye, with its focus on great drinks instead of attitude. #SanFrancisco

Mission Chinese Food is hyped, but the food lives up to its reputation. MCF is located inside Lung Shan Restaurant as a semi-permanent pop up, Chef Danny Bownien is Korean and he doesn't care much for authenticity. The result are dished like Thrice Cooked Bacon with rice cakes and Pork Yowls with radishes. Get some Tsingtao and you'll have a great time. #SanFrancisco

When in SF, you have to visit Alcatraz. Despite the tourist hordes, it is truly amazing. If you are brave enough, go at night and do not miss the cellblock audio tour. Just avoid Fisherman's Wharf at all cost.

The first human to look elegant while running to the train.

Everyone loves Tartine. And you will too. We'd skip the sandwiches and focus on the ridiculous pastries. The croissant is a must. As is the Banana Cream Tart. And the Little Side Salad. That's right. We have no idea how someone can get some much flavor out of a few greens. #SanFrancisco

If we would have one meal in SF, it would be at Swan Oyster Bar. Hands down. Grab a seat at the bar (that's your only option) and order everything on the menu. Oysters. Seafood Louie. Smoked Fish. Anchor Steam. Simplistic perfection. #SanFrancisco

We rarely consider airports destinations. But we just love SFO. It's location between the bay and hills is gorgeous, the new Terminal 2 is awesome, and public transit via BART is great by American standards. As a bonus, you are treated to stunning views of SF and the California coast during take-off. #SanFrancisco

Antena. Camino Del Sol (Todd Terje Remix). The ultimate summer track.

Yes, there is good Mexican food in Ann Arbor! Visit TMAZ Taqueria for great tacos. But the one thing that will blow your mind are the Churro Beans. We really can't explain why or how, but there is so much smoke and flavor in the bowl! Oh yea, they also have pastries, do money orders and ship parcels.