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Magical and inspiring ideas for children’s natural play spaces and enriching experiences such as practical life, gardening, science & sensory process art and…
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See how one mom led an interest-based wildflowers nature study #homeschool #science

Nature Education (Unschooling, Homeschooling, Forest School)

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Crystals, Stones & Rocks

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All About Magnets - Science for Little Learners (preschool, pre-k, & kinder)
Use magnets for this arts and crafts activity for kids. Kids love to paint, but they will love watching the magic of this magnet art.

Magnetic 🧲

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Books Page - Alfie Kohn

WISE WORDS- Alfie Kohn

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#RIE #WordsOfWisdom #DAP #DevelopmentallyAppropriatePractice #SprogBlog #GetGoopy #PLAYbysitting #WorldOfWonder

WISE WORDS- Magda Gerber RIE

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SENSORY- winter

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Set up this ice excavation activity and invite your children to explore ice sensory play and see what treasures they can find!     Frozen ice sensory play ideas :: ice excavation   The idea behind this invitation to play is to freeze interesting items inside blocks of ice for your children to […]


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Scramble Nets for treehouses by Treehouse Life "...a world away from everyday"

Physical Play- swings & things

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Opportunities for rain play are sorely missing in most childhoods today. This post is full of ways to support and encourage rain play with elementary aged students during recess, or with cross-curricular connections during instructional time. #outdoorclassroom #outdoored #outdooreducation #rainplay #mudkitchen #playoutside #outsideplay #play


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How to Build a Shishkaball Ball-Drop Game

Family Fun

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Invitation to play with mint play dough and ice cream accessories

Cutting Skills

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Car Painting - Process Art for Kids. A fun transportation art idea for toddlers and preschoolers. #artsandcrafts #transport #toddler #preschool #kindergarten

Gross Motor Process Art/Skills

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How to build a frog hotel - Wildlife Preservation Society QueenslandWildlife Preservation Society Queensland

Croaks & Ribbits

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Book name: Grandpa Green Skills: Fine motor, sensory, scissor skills, cooking Description: Gather flowers and fresh herbs fro the yard or on a walk and let the kids snip, crush, grind all of their ingredients to make a sensory soup. Have then explore and ID herbs and flowers along the way.
fairy soup - happy hooligans - outdoor sensory activities for kids My kids love this kind of play!

Sensory Soup

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30+ Stunning Nature Crafts for Kids - HAPPY TODDLER PLAYTIME
The perfect activity for anyone who’s lawn has been left just a bit too long without a mow!   This is really simple to prepare using a circle of cardboard and a pencil to create some holes.   You can then thread the dandelions through the holes to create the lion’s mane. 🦁   This activity is so good for fine motor skills and a great little boredom buster!


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still life

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blocks & building

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sunlight & shadows

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#PLAYbysitting #getgoopy #worldofwonder #gooutside #science #sensory #looseparts #letsplay #letthechildrenplay #bubbles #messyplay #getgoopy #worldofwonder #shavingcream #paint #play


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Get Zen- Yoga, Grounding, Forest Bathing & Meditation

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Wise Words

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Creating Nature Fairy Gardens • RUN WILD MY CHILD

🧚‍♀️ 🧚‍♂️ 🧚 gardens

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