DY Family Trees by marthastewart: Download and print the template. #DIY #Family_Tree #marthastewart

Family Trees

Framed Family Tree - Heritage gift that can be passed on to others as well. A family tree can be a beautiful work of art as well as an informative genealogical record. This fan chart is a simple project that yields striking results.

Family tree... nice!

Start her young on family history! Terrific inspiration for making your own artful family tree.

1st grade standard for stamping. Draw tree with marker and stamp fingerprints for leaves of any color. What season is your tree in? Discuss seasons changing and pressure for different size prints. Hmmm... winter could just have fingerprint snow flakes with Sharpie snowflake lines in them.  For prints: use markers? stamp pads? tempera cakes? watercolor sets?....

Preschool art idea: parents draw tree, write family member's names with brown sharpies, students and parent use finger prints to make circle shapes in different sizes! - For Grandparents Day - each grand child

Family history tree! This website will customize it and e-mail it to you! Or they will print and frame it, and mail it to you! What a beautiful addition to your home!

A great do it yourself gift idea! 10 painting tips Pretty bird gift tags Etsy family tree design idea

Personalized Family Tree Pillow Cover. Cool, since i am garbage at sewing i will try this as a painting!

As seen on the Mens Health Mothers Day 2014 Gift Guide! Personalized Family Tree Pillow Cover makes a great gift! This unique pillow cover

family tree and everyones thumbprint is a leaf on the tree and sign it

Get a canvas and paint to make a family tree with thumbprints Family tree guest book - Would love to host a huge family reunion one day and have this as the guest book. would be awesome!

Personalized Family Tree.  Great gift for grandparents.

Laura Orr Interiors: Days} Family Tree - branches grow in different directions but all have the same roots

Family Tree Wall Sticker

Create a Family Tree photo wall display. Create a Family Tree photo wall display. Create a Family Tree photo wall display.

Alona Tester - Family Tree Wall

"That's of my family tree wall all complete with hooks, frames and lines.-)" Genealogy wall art done by Alona Tester