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Thanks to everyone who helped us decide on Pebble's fourth color option. After tons of mock-ups and thousands of votes, we're really psyched about the winning color, Dutch Orange!


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Without further ado, we'd like to present the Voter's Choice color...Orange! It won with almost 2000 out of more than 10,000 qualified votes.

  • estark13

    Really disappointed. Gross. Love you Pebble folks, but this is too bad. I'll get black I guess.

  • Sophia Pham
    Sophia Pham

    Uck, dark blue would have been better

  • Steven Hudosh
    Steven Hudosh

    This is exactly the color I was hoping for! Glad others agree!

  • Chris LaHaye
    Chris LaHaye

    I can't understand Orange winning either. It's too close to red in color spectrum. Blue or green was my vote. White will be mine

  • Scott Spence
    Scott Spence

    That thing is going to loon massive on my wife's wrist 0_o

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Just a couple days left to vote on the fourth Pebble color. Have your say! [cc mrsdkrebs, Linda Cronin, nagarjun, webtreats]

Kickstarter Update #16: The Official Voter's Choice ballot live! We selected 12 candidates from #ColorMyPebble. [cc Theresa Thompson]

Supporters on Kickstarter brought us to this party, so only fitting that the final #ColorMyPebble mockup, "Certified Backer," comes from Pebbler Kevin H. A shade to evoke "the dark green from the backer seal, not the neon green from 'Funding Successful.'"

Pebble Smartwatch
  • Rahimi Rusli
    Rahimi Rusli

    I'd prefer if it has a black band

"Tachyon," by Rob S. on Facebook (two for one!)

Pebble Smartwatch

Wiggle wiggle wiggle! Hat-tip to Rob S. on Facebook :)

Pebble Smartwatch

"Puddin'" by Jeremy M. on Facebook

"Left-Right-Left," by Adrienn T. on Facebook.

"Storm's a Comin'" are probably the last words peeps in the Mid-Atlantic US want to hear right now. Great color from Brian R. on Facebook, though.

Steve P. on Kickstarter says, "Too many good colors to have to pick, but here's another: 'Third Pebble from the Sun.'"

"Eton," by Christian M. on Kickstarter

"Wombat Puke," care of Dave V. on Kickstarter. Don't look at me, I just mock 'em up ;P

Cesar R. on Kickstarter says, "Gengar is the best!" Team Pebble had to Google this "Pokemon Reference" ;)

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"Stone Cold," by Ken K. on Kickstarter

Terry T. on Kickstarter wants "Virulent Virtuous Violet!!!" Alliteration!

Pebble Smartwatch

Laurie K. on Kickstarter wanted Mini Cooper's Pepper White. "White Peppa!"

  • Laurie Kalmanson
    Laurie Kalmanson


NoTie.NET on Kickstarter says, "Bondi Blue in honor of Steve Jobs and the first iMac."

"Fatigues," by Christopher S. on Kickstarter

"Kick-ASH," by Anders S. on Kickstarter. Kickin' ash and takin' names, we'd like to add ;-)

"Dyno," by M. Divringi on Kickstarter

calvinbean on Kickstarter: "Purple is the new black, so I propose 'New Black Purple.'" Only if you let us name it "Purpletrator."

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  • Michael Morris
    Michael Morris

    Hail to Purple, Hail to White!

With Rand Chua TL's request on Kickstarter for this shade of pink, it's gonna be hard to stay cool around all this hawtness ;)

AnnaMaria S. on Facebook says "OliveU!" Aw, OliveU, too :)

A deep purple suggested by Rob G. on Facebook reminds Team Pebble of "Inky" from Pac-Man.

Pebble Smartwatch

"Scoutzie," by Kirill Z. on Facebook.