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Health and Fitness

Pins for Pebblers who are geeks about staying fit.

Health and Fitness

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Looking for ways to fit exercise into your busy schedule? Try out Lifehacker's 20-minute daily workout plan.

A 20-Minute Daily Exercise Plan for People Too Busy to Work Out

Hunting for a run buddy? Have you considered making that buddy a robot? Joggobot by Eberhard Gräther and Exertion Games Lab has. [original photo by Exertion Games Lab]

  • Bob Connelly
    Bob Connelly

    This is seriously cool. They should design it to send motivational messages to the Pebble!

Artist @yumisakugawa illustrates 11 exercises worth doing while sitting at your computer. Got any of your own that you'd like to share, Pebblers?

11 Exercises to Do While Sitting at Your Computer

Hack your fitness with The University of Copenhagen's 10-20-30 Run Training Concept: perform 5 one-minute reps of running at max, medium, and low intensity for 10-, 20-, and 30-second bursts. Rest two minutes. Do this seven-minute cycle 3-4 times in one session, and you've got a 30-minute regimen that improved performance and health for participants in the study. [cc Celso Flores, istolethetv, mikebaird, Drongowski, Zeddie Little]

  • Arend Bloemink
    Arend Bloemink

    Great app for my future Pebble watch!

  • Chi-Wai Li
    Chi-Wai Li

    Nice idea, i'm gonna give it a try

Who knew there were optimal shoelace configurations for different running styles? Thanks, REI infographic!

RunKeeper posted a round of app updates this week: Improved GPS, Facebook login, and the ability to edit profiles within the app. Sweet! (original photo by Lululemon Athletica)

"Running properly has nothing to do with what you put (or don't put) on your feet or what surface you run on and everything to do with maintaining perfect form." –Details Magazine: The New Rules of Running

The New Rules of Running: Go Farther, Faster, Longer

"Obsessed is the word the lazy use to describe the dedicated." We also get "nerd" a lot ;-)

Great morning routine to start the day off right! Repeat this cycle 2x when you wake up: 50 jumping jacks » 5 pushups » 20 sit ups » 20 mountain climbers » 30 second plank » 7 burbees.


Leave your device in your armband or pocket, thanks to Pebble's RunKeeper integration. See and do everything you need to track your run or workout, right from Pebble.

  • Philip Campbell
    Philip Campbell

    that's gonna be nice.

  • Teddy Jasin
    Teddy Jasin

    cant wait to get my watch!!

  • Harris Silver
    Harris Silver

    Also look at iSmoothRun - Fantastic app, that works with all the major online training services.

  • Philip Campbell
    Philip Campbell

    will take a look. thanks harris.

  • Jenny Mills
    Jenny Mills

    Harris I've just switched over to iSmoothrun! That's even better than runkeeper... thanks for the heads up.

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