A baby is crying in her mother’s arms in China, in April Poverty, illicit profiting, and China’s coercive one-child policy drives baby trafficking in China.

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#Pokemon Go smartphone game leads to body in river

Pokemon Go smartphone game leads to body in river

#spider #swimming

Swimmer suffering from earache is horrified when it's found to be a SPIDER

Dad sells sons SUV for smoking weed

This Dad’s Craigslist Post is Selling His Misbehaving Son’s Car and Shaming Him For Being Disrespectful

Common sense says you should never cheat on your partner, and obviously not if you are married. Your moral compass should not waiver in a marriage and if

11 People Who Lost Their Shit After Being Cheated On.this is such a great idea.all cheaters oughta have this done to them!


Insane 360 Video of Close-Range Tornado Near Wray, CO


Man Tries To Trade Kidnapped Baby For 15 Big Macs At Arkansas McDonald’s


Woman Stabs Husbands **** 13 Times, Thought It Was A Snake


Tornado Flings Girl Into Air During School Event