Simple Salmon Recipe: Honey-Mustard Salmon with Roasted Asparagus

The Flat Belly Foods Diet

The Flat Belly Foods Diet. 300 calorie breakfasts, 400 calorie lunches, 500 calorie dinners, and 150 calorie snacks.

The green machine! Drink this daily and watch the pounds come off without fuss. An alternative recipe is 2 handfuls of baby spinach, 1 cup of chunk pineapple, 2 bananas, 1 cup of yogurt and 1 cup of filtered water. Blend well and enjoy!

Blueberries are the ultimate super fruit: at only 84 calories and 3 grams of fiber per cup, they are a satisfying snack that provide you with energy and, according to the USDA, the highest antioxidant level of all commonly consumed fruit. In other words, by simply eating blueberries you can help improve your overall health, fend off premature aging and even keep certain cancers at bay. And that's not the only benefit you may be getting: The powerful berry may also help you drop unwanted…

How to Choose the Healthiest Meats

How to Choose the Healthiest Meats

Grilling can be a lot of fun to do whenever you get a chance to do it. It is a pretty common tradition around the world. Not everyone uses the same ingredients for grilling though. This infographic by shows how grilling is done around the globe:

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