Archipelago I Display Home - Lifestyle Floor Plan

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Seraphina - kinda confused about downstairs. Is that a bed and bath that only owns to the outside?

P L A N S   L A Y O U T ✔️ Casa de verão #planslayout

All bedrooms are upstairs. But downstairs is designed to be an entertainer's dream.


A little one the top but has everyth ing I'd want.Minus an enclosed garage

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Container House - Container home with upper deck. Itd be even nicer with grow/garden beds in the empty space around the deck. - Who Else Wants Simple Step-By-Step Plans To Design And Build A Container Home From Scratch?

GABIÃO - a magia e a plasticidade deste material2

Gavión de Grava de Piedra Molida Some innovative ideas on display at Appeltern Gardens, such as this hardware cloth metal mesh gabion-like fence, or perhaps it's a wall, partially filled with trap rock.

Escola e Jardim de Infância DPS,© Shamanth Patil

Galeria de Escola e Jardim de Infância DPS / Khosla Associates - 12

Image 12 of 21 from gallery of DPS Kindergarden School / Khosla Associates. Photograph by Shamanth Patil