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10 iPhone photography tips

10 Quick Tips for Taking Better Photos With Your iPhone


first nonfriend pb shoot

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Best Lens For Newborn Photography

JULIE: i thought of you when i saw this. A chart for remembering Shutter speeds. you probably know them all, just thought it was neat


first nonfriend pb shoot

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grocery sack over the flash: this makes a great “lightbox” and helps spread the light across your kids face and cuts down on shadows

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Manual exposure mode cheat sheet. Learn other great photography tips at


Manual Exposure Cheat Sheet - Photography Element

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@Beryl Ayn Young shows you how to rescue your photo by adjusting your exposure with PicMonkey's free photo editing tools.

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SLR Loungefrom SLR Lounge

No Studio? No Problem! Part 1: Mobile Photography Studio Kit

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make your studio

No Studio? No Problem! Part 1: Mobile Photography Studio Kit

Lil Blue

Blue Boo

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How to Organize and Print Years Worth of Photos


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Printer App

Card Printer

Id713083894 Mt

Minutes Artifact

Fridge Print

App Au


Photo Goods

Au Mobile

Be The First on the Fridge. Print Holiday Cards from your iPhone in Minutes. // Artifact Uprising -

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Camille Stylesfrom Camille Styles

Photography School #5 :: Which lens do I use

Tips For Portrait Photography

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A break down of which lens to use for which photo subject, by Michael Bullock for Camille Styles


Photography School #5 :: Which lens do I use?!

simple as thatfrom simple as that

Over 150 Tips to Improve Your Photography this Year

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Have you always wanted to take better photos? Improve your photography skills this year with over 150 simple, easy to follow photo tips! Camera bag by @jototes

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30 Day Photography Challenge Project » Expert Photography

30 Day Photography Challenge Project » Expert Photography

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How to improve the sharpness of your photography. Photos can get better sharpness by applying these photography tips for DSLR camera users.

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Diy Christmas Photography Backdrop

Christmas Wrapping Paper Backdrop

Great Christmas Setup Idea

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Snowflake Idea

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love this setup- with my snowflakes for a winter baby



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a sparkler photography tutorial: how to write with sparklers and catch it on camera!

{long distance loving}

Here Come the Girlsfrom Here Come the Girls

Cardboard box dolls house

Girl Poses Photography

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Pease Photography

Make fun of sorority girls all you want, but we know how to hold ourselves and look good. Just saying.

Cardboard box dolls house - Here Come the Girls

It's Always Autumnfrom It's Always Autumn

photography tips: give kids a reason to look at the camera {PEZ

Genius Photography

Photography Tips Ideas

Photography Tudors

Photography Perfection

Photography Things

Photography Backdrops

Photography Studio

Smile Kids

Camera Pez

Genius! Attach a PEZ dispenser to your camera to get kids to look at you and smile - and get better photos. from

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It's Always Autumnfrom It's Always Autumn

how to set up a DIY home photo studio

Barnwood Photography

Ikea Photography

Photography Backdrops Diy

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Diy Backdrops

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Family Barn Photos

Diy Family Photo Shoot

Photo Genic

SO COOL! this DIY barnwood photography backdrop is actually fabric from IKEA! get a photo with a barn wood background anywhere for under $15! click through to post to see the pullback shot that shows how to set it up.

how to set up a DIY home photo studio

Multiple Backdrops

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This is what i want for our backgrounds, guess someone else beaten me to it but I thought it was a great idea.. & it obviously works!

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Take better pictures with your phone, RIGHT NOW. - This is an EXCELLENT resource, people. | Seriously some of her photos don't look like they were taken with an iPhone. Crazy!

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Towers Turned

Cd Towers

Chandelier Tutorial

Orb Chandelier


City Parade

Parade Of Homes

Bathroom Makeover

Master Bathroom

The House of Smiths - Home DIY Blog - How to print your Instagram pics!!!

How to Print your Instagram Photos - Persnickety Prints

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Light Diffusion

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Pictures Darling

DIY Photography Lighting Set Up: How to make a diffusion panel for under $20!

DIY Photography Lighting Set Up ~ Madigan Made

Diy Photobox

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photo light box

DIY Photo Light Box // Take Better Photos! | Ninth and Bird

Female Subjects

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21 Female

Girl Models

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Portrait Posing Guide

Posing Guide: 21 Sample Poses to Get You Started with Photographing Female Subjects

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