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Can’t believe this is real!!! DEAN WAS RIGHT!!!

Only the Illuminati eat salad. So the star of David is the same as an inverted pentagram?<<<<<its a hexagram not the Star of David

Supernatural fandom takes over again. Supernatural Health | True Funny

The difference between Sam and Dean Winchester. It's on my Supernatural board but it is also so my life.

Caitlin we need to make this our life goal to do this

Supernatural Themed Restaurant - They left out the most important thing: the only desserts served will be pie. <-- ooh, and discounts on Tuesdays.


Supernatural Signs, I would totally get the anti-possession as a tattoo!< as soon as I reach the age when my parents wouldn't kill me for getting a tattoo. And old enough to buy a tattoo. And old enough to get a car to drive to the tattoo place.

Supernatural awesome! haha

haha>>>> I shall paint the outside walls of my house like the Tardis, paint a yellow smiley on the wall with spray paint, and a demon trap under the carpet

Did it! Well I mean its pinned to the wrong board but still;-)

did it on my laptop. (no longer typing w/ my elbow.that obviously failed XD, I meant to say: "did it on my laptop, typed it too. Now time to click pin w/ my elbow XD)

More like husband or children, but yes ;)

" What a brave little ant you are " don't interrupt anyone watching or fan girling over supernatural