Gretchen Haselden
Gretchen Haselden
Gretchen Haselden

Gretchen Haselden

I am a work at home mama to 2 littles, a baker, quilter and doula. :) I love Jesus and the sweet life He has given me.

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A Plan to Make Healthy Cold Lunches for the Hubby

Packing a lunch for husband takes pre-planning and a lot of work, but if you want to spend less money, this is probably just the ticket. Besides, doesn't your husband deserve a lunch made with love each day? :)

Baked Honey Cilantro Lime Salmon in Foil

Healthy, Baked Honey Cilantro Lime Salmon is ready in 30 minutes with a 4-ingredient glaze to die for! |

The "Hubby Favorites" of 2013

Chef In Training's husband has rounded up his personal "HUBBY FAVORITES" of 2013! A great list for feeding the men in your life!

Roasted broccoli with asiago, garlic and almonds

Blog post at Healthy Seasonal Recipes : Do you roast your veggies? If not, then stop what you are doing right now and make this Roasted Broccoli with Asiago, Garlic and Almonds!! [..]

Tortellini Minestrone

When Eric and I were in the process of moving, we had to eat out more than I care to admit. The biggest reason for this was the fact that we had to special order a refrigerator that would fit in the space we had. For two people that love to cook, eating out so … Read More

Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad