I'm Cheyenne, 28 and I'm from The Netherlands, or Holland, whatever you call it, but it's the same. I am a Libra, and yes, I really can't make decisions very easily. I like to watch tv (too many tv shows), listen to music, surfing the web. I'd like to...

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The Comfy Cone: Darko was fitted with the dreaded hard plastic 'Victorian Cone' to prevent him from licking his sore paw and spent the night bashing into furniture and people. This soft Comfy Cone which is secured by velcro and folds back like a turtleneck for eating is a big improvement! Photo via pantsfordogs via examiner.com. Available in sizes from Small to XL, about $24 - 30. http://tinyurl.com/3hakuuv #Dog #Comfy_Collar

Quick and easy instruction for how to make DIY faux caramel apples for your fall decor. They are great for Halloween decorations also and they last years.

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