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"Research shows children who receive massage are more alert, gain weight faster, sleep more soundly, and suffer less anxiety." (Source: Massage & Reflexology for Babies and Children -

when the time comes. We did some of this stuff and it works!

This is how we potty trained in 3 days with Potty Train in a weekend. You can potty train in three days really easily with these tips. 3 day potty training and even potty training a toddler are all do-able!

A Parents Guide To Children's Teeth.

Parents Guide To Children's Teeth! For children at birth through 15 years old! Important article for parents to read and know what to expect for their children's teeth

What Children Need the Most- a free printable

In my experience, most parents think you have to be "parenting" or disciplining your child most of the time (or all day long) or teaching. Notice there is not much of that in the above poster.