I really love this packaging design for this cereal box, the simplicity of the clean block colour against the rougher recycled cardboard works extremely well, it's sleek and modern yet very eye catching and impressive.

Japanese food packaging by Akaoni

Japanese food packaging (looks like craft paper with yellow and black marker drawing or animals — mouse, squirrel, rabbit, bear?, cow?) Hmmm. Not sure what food this would be ... but great packaging.

Japanese Packaging Design It is so interesting to see packaging design from other countries. I came across this lovely packaging design from Japan. Amazingly enough some of the same hand stamped design trends we are seeing here in the U.S.

the wrapped patterned paper topped off with a band is a nice touch--begs the question of how to do this sort of luxury approach yet also be "green," "homestrewn" "cottage"--which I think could be major selling points for Natura Culina

I don't speak the language but this packaging conveys much, even without being able to read it. Quite lovely.

beautiful style to wrap a traditional Japanese summer gift 'Ochūgen': designed by Jurgen Lehl. This is beautiful PD

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Prodjuice Cold pressed Juice

What makes this packaging so nice is the visibility of the beverage itself. The color of the actual drink shows a lot. The wide shape of the bottle is also effective and works well to show the drinks color.