Valerie Davide, Dogs

Valerie Davide, Dogs A fantastic collection of friendly, humorous creatures beautifully drawn with soft flowing Charcoal and ink lines Great basis for a drawing activity>>> amazing!

5X7 water color prints :: for the nursery.

These water color prints would be great for a nursery. My dad could do one for Artie. :) by Susan Windsor Fine Art on ETSY.

[Valerie Davide, Dogs]

TROWBRIDGE - Valerie Davide Dogs - Meet some 'friends' of artist Valerie Davide. Some well recognised four-legged friends come to .

First graders did these! Yay!

Animal portraits, holiday projects, Easter, spring,----- Water Color Value Study from the bees knees cousin. Using Catherin Raynor's rabbit illustrations in the classroom


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Animal Art Adventures: June 2011

Weimaraner graphite drawing - by Laura Hardie Truly Very Artistic Art Skills here. Very Nicely Done.