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Lion's mane nudibranch.

Melibe leonina, common names the “hooded nudibranch” or the “lion’s mane nudibranch”, is a species of predatory sea slug, specifically a nudibranch, a marine gastropod mollusk in the family Tethydidae.

Christmas tree worm (Spirobrancus gigantus)

Christmas tree worm (Spirobrancus gigantus), touch one and it i mediately retracts into the ocean floor !

mushroom coral

Corals - photography, mushroom corals ( Fungiidae ), Coral reef, photos of coral reef, coral reef pictures

Christmas Tree Worm - marine worm, commonly found in coral...⭐...

Christmas Tree Worm - marine worm, commonly found in coral. I LOVE THESE! If you move by them they close up

Strawberry Anemones & Giant Acorn Barnacles, Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia, CA (from advanced diver

Strawberry Anemones & Giant Acorn Barnacles ~ Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia (from advanced diver magazine)