Giannis Antoniou

Giannis Antoniou

Athens - Greece / Freelance art director | graphic designer l
Giannis Antoniou
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Thinking beyond the screen and in terms of physical properties opens up all kinds of possibilities, like this 'A' which looks like paper that has had a hole punched in it.

Very clever play on the "JAWS" cover.

'Jaws' from the Penguin Horror book series by Tom Lenartowicz I'm a big fan of minimal design for book covers. Most of the letters being underwater like a shark and the top of the 'A' being out like a fin is very clever and effective.

Architecture Poster on Alvaro Siza | Skyl David

Designing posters is probably one of the tasks where designers get the most space to be creative. The posters in this post are great examples of well designed posters. Opera poster by Philippe Apel…