Use a toy tractor tyre for a fairy garden swing.                                           Gloucestershire Resource Centre

Use a tire from a tractor in the toy aisle! Or one that is off a broken kids toy. Miniature tire swing for the fairy garden

Go f wide dof. Great pose and locale  Julia by Evgeniya Egorova, via 500px. I am IN LOVE with this picture!!!! <3

Go f wide dof. Great pose and locale Julia by Evgeniya Egorova, via I am IN LOVE with this picture! I'd try to do same photo but would have to be sure I don't get ticks

Druids Trees:  "In the Forest," by Viktoria Haack, via 500px.

Crown made of branches and twigs and leaves for a winter wood nymph look. As photographed by Viktoria Haack.

climbing ivy  yikes!!! that's just what i want!!! plus a few flowers on it.

Cottingley Fairies Inspired Woodland Bride Photoshoot…

Bride's loose messy updo bridal hair ideas Toni Kami Wedding Hairstyles ♥ ❶ wedding hairstyle with ivy flower crown corona halo

Photo Manipulation

Photo Manipulation

who was this girl who walked in silence? why she was ______ the Queen of the Forest and all its living things (the antlers you see on her head were given to her graciously by the deer whom she had saved).

The Changelings - Lunaesque Fantasy Photography

Beautiful Elven Man of my Dreams… ~The Changelings - Lunaesque Fantasy Photography

Aurelia Enchanted Forest Woodland Nymph by sweetlittlesparrow

Floral Crown Head Piece - Cascading Veil of Purple Blue Flowers - Woodland Wedding, Special Occasion, Summer Festivals - Forest Nymph

For a forest wedding

The dress Is o. but i love the photo idea. I would like to see both the bride and groom running thru the forest together with smiles and love in there eyes. ( in this particular pic it looks like the bride got cold feet and is running from the wedding)

Eleni running around in the forrest, looking for the dragon Alexandra among the treetops.

I am dying to take photos of you (in Cades Cove) and take beautiful modeling portraits in the woods! I can't wait until it gets warmer, I have so many ideas for you

Eilene waited, and waited, and waited. But it seemed the foes who had put her in the jar would let her suffocate to death.

The Fine Art of Photography

" Jacquetta said in disbelief. "Who in their right mind would put a fairy in a jar?" "You took the words out of my mouth," Nimueh agreed