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She declared she never stepped in front of the footlights without first saying to herself over and over: "I love my audience. I love my audience.

Not really a PROMPT, but I really want a scene in which Jackie falls asleep and Kimball just watches her, realizing how beautiful and innocent she is despite her hardened appearance.

I want a scene where Azlynn and Alec are traveling around by bus, and she falls asleep, and he can't help but notice how beautiful and peaceful she looks, and can't deny he's starting to fall in love.

this picture is for my sister Dijana... :**** ово сте ивана и ти у возу,хаха

just keep doing the stupid things that no one else would dare, and create your personality.

MilK 38 : En train. Photo : Elisabeth Toll. Style : Mélanie Hoepffner.

En train

{"En train" fashion story in MilK Photos : Elisabeth Toll. Photos still life : Claire Israël.} what a great dress!

her whole outfit :o ... ok so maybe not the skateboard cause i'd fall and.. well break myself but.. you get the point.

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