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Wine being poured, dark background for atmosphere, wine caught by the light flames dark red. high resolution digital capture.

I'm not into bugs, but this guy takes some beautiful images. Robber Fly with Prey (Holcocephala fusca), via Thomas Shanhan

A poppy by Gilles Menghetti

Fog at the Gate by Joe Azure

Sometimes inspiration is in the expanses, sometimes it's in a small place. Ruby Red by David B

Fire in Black and White looks so much less dangerous and has really cool textures - by Slim Djiali

by Maxim Solodov

Wonderful composition and color - by Steven Michael

Dogwood by Rodney Lough Jr. You really need to see these prints in person.

Flower by Albert Homs

Great wildlife shot by Stefano Ronchi

Add this to the must try technique list... Tulip Fields, Holland by ALex Maclean

This is hardly an original perspective, but it took me a second to realize it was not an IR photo, but instead snow on the trees... So cool.

Blue Pond, Hokkaido, Japan by Kent Shiraishi. The blue water reminds me of the Caribbean or the Mediterranean while the snow reminds me of Minnesota. Great contrasting locations.

Mark Jansen is clearly influenced by Ansel Adams when it comes to landscape photography. He also offers photography expeditions... cool!

Another compelling cloud photograph by Julie Kenward

Clouds can be so descriptive.

The tracks are cliche but I love seeing how nature slowly reclaims everything.

The pinks are surprising but nice touch in this landscape photos by Randall Roberts.

Natural beauty, even when placed by man. Photo by Austin Granger

Fantastic illumination and blues from this iceberg in Antarctica