One of my favorite masks of all times: Red/Gold/Figureal, playful, exotic, my style

Carnevale Restaurant at Jumeirah Beach Hotel - Art and design inspiration from around the world - CreativeRoots

Death Mask - Day of the Dead Deadpool Mask -  Dia De los Muertos Calavera Sugar Skull mask

Death Mask - Day of the Dead Deadpool Mask - Dia De los Muertos Calavera Sugar Skull mask


This is what my masquerade mask looked like. "The mask is golden and shaped like a butterfly, dotted with crystals and glass beads" (Williams


i have a gold Masquerade mask so we could do my lips like this :) more fun makeup-y ideas:) = for the ball this fall!

Red & Gold

Venetian mask ~ Today I'm grateful for quite a few things. I'm grateful for my homemade Valentine gift from my husband, the Valentine wishes and love from my kids, and being able to work in a place that makes fantastic stuff for Mardi Gras!

Feathered mask.

Green Mask by *enayla on deviantART. Love the peacock theme, the support makeup and lip crystal. The all mostly feathers. Glitter on the base and over the little bottom parts of feathers.

※ℳαкєвєℓ!єvє & ∂єη!αℓ※

somewhat more sinister Bird Fae inspiration. The Duchess is a bird fae, perhaps? Or there could be a raven bird fae.

Gold...Venice for Carnaval?

Donato Giuseppe - Italy Project Manager, Freelancer, CEO Master Food & Wine & Ospitality Carnival Venice www.

There is no such thing as too much bling.

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Masks in various forms (sacred, practical, or playful) have played a crucial historical role in the development of understandings about "what it means to be human