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AMEN! There's so much more to me than the looks I have that will fade with time. Inside I will always be the same but I'm not anyone's porcelain doll to take off the shelf when it's convient.

~And even if it were, hogging all the pie doesn't make anyone any better than anyone else. Just means you're greed will kill you as sure as any uprising.~

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Nevertheless, She Persisted on kimberlyfaye reads | You guys, a funny thing happened yesterday. I was looking at news coverage of the Sessions confirmation…

Yep... I tried to fit in when I was a kid, but through the years I realized that I am not supposed to be anyone else but me..I am weird, eccentric, and sometimes downright odd...but I am one in a million and beautifully and wonderfully made by God. :)

I really do! Someone to save you from yourself. It's hard to sit and watch someone be so destructive with themselves.

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