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Lemon and lime balm is best harvested just before blossom time. It can withstand several heavy harvests. Here's how to harvest, dry and store lemon and lime balm.

FRESH PEACH COBBLER - It's sweet so you might want to reduce the sugar. This timeless summer dessert features fresh juicy peaches, hints of cinnamon, and a buttery light batter that is baked until golden brown and delicious!

You will love every bite of these Copycat Monte Cristo Party Sliders - guaranteed! Enjoy the flavors of honey ham and smoked turkey as you nibble on one of these sliders and hope it will never end. This Monte Cristo sandwich recipe is just amazing.

Freeze fresh green beans from your garden or the farmer's market to enjoy them all year long. We take you from blanching green beans to freezing them. Time to start preserving!

Choose simple and quick side dishes to complement your loaded poatoes, such as this easy green bean salad. Fresh green beans, celery, and green onions give the dish bright green color and fresh flavor. It's topped with a light-and-spicy vinaigrette.

Learn how to blanch and freeze summer squash and zucchini in six easy steps.

Learn how to blanch and freeze summer squash and zucchini in six easy steps.

Hungry for chocolate chip cookies, but tight on time? Try this kid-friendly shortcut, made with Bisquick Heart Smart mix. They're ready to eat in just 35 minutes.

Bisquick® Chocolate Chip Cookies Bisquick is the simple shortcut for making chocolate chip cookies in just minutes. It’s so easy that even kids can help!

Peanut Butter and Pumpkin Dog Treats -

I never thought I would be the lady making her own dog treats, but that happened, and it was wonderful. Pumpkin Peanut Butter dog treats - super easy and cheap!