DolcePerlato: kumihimo

DolcePerlato: kumihimo

▶ Kumihimo - Adding cord over top of focal bead - YouTube

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I love the colors.

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warping diagram for a cheetah print 24 strand round kumihimo braid

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How to Finish Kumihimo

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How to Kumihimo

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{DIY} Braided Cord Bracelet – Kumihimo

{DIY} Braided Cord Bracelet - Kumihimo

Kumihimo disk, EVA foam, white and black, 4-1/4 inch round with 22mm inside hole and 32 slots. Sold individually.

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Kumihimo Beads


How to Make a Spiral Kumihimo Braid

Tutorial - How to Make a Spiral Kumihimo Braid

Kumihimo with Long Magatamas I used a pattern by Paula Juvinall from Bead and Button magazine (August 2011) to make this Kumihimo braided bracelet. The long Magatamas look like leaves...or scales! However, I had to edit the instructions in order to make it. I used the bracelet instructions provided, but it didn't work out. SO...if anyone would like my edited notes, please ask!

Hard Boiled Megg: Kumihimo with Long Magatamas

Basic Kumihimo Tips and Tricks | Looksi Square

Basic Kumihimo Tips and Tricks

Adventures of a DIY Mom - Kumihimo Beaded Bracelets Tutorial

Kumihimo Beaded Bracelets Tutorial

kumihimo with bead clusters

Timeline Photos - Marion Jewels in Fiber

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Kumihimo - Braiding with Beads

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